Beyond the Kitchen


Hi there, dear friends.

It’s me Joy.

I’m the girl that writes this blog.  Yea… hi.  Me.  Right.

For the last three months, I’ve been working on a big project.  Today.  Today Today Today is the day that this project grows wings and flies away into the Internet.  That’s happening.  Right now.

I’d like to introduce you to Homefries.

Homefries is a network of four podcasts.  Audio podcasts.  For your ears.  There’s a video with details and such.

Before you watch the video and explore Homefries, let me tell you more.  Seriously… this is some good business.


A podcast is like an independent Internet radio show.  It’s tailored just for you… especially if you like things like Joy the Baker, wine, mom stuff, and entertaining.

Homefries.  The podcasts:

tracy ad joy

There’s the Joy the Baker podcast with Tracy from Shutterbean.  Tracy and I talk about everything that you want us to talk about.  Boys, cameras, baking, kids, marriage, blogs,  candy bars, cats, cutting boards… we get really deep.

If our podcast were to be described in a still photo, it might look something like this.  Something exactly like this.

You know Tsh from Simple Mom, right?  She is the best.  Literally.  THE BEST.  Tsh has a podcast on Homefries.  It’s called the Simple Mom Podcast.    She talks with other moms from around the blogosphere (don’t like that word) about cool mom stuff.  Organizing, intentional living, travel, marriage, balance.  Really wonderful.  Just lovely.

The Crush is a podcast about wine.  But… it’s totally wine talk that you can understand!  Listen, I’m not a wine girl.  I mean… I’m really good and drinking wine, but if you want to talk about tannins and regions and varietals… um, I’m going to blank stare you.  But The Crush!  I listen and totally sound like a wine girl when I repeat the things that I learned.  Major.


The Table Set is a podcast with three gentlemen food bloggers:  Andy, Greg, and Nathan.  They talk about parties, and how to throw them, and how to stay classy, and how successfully mix beer into your margarita.  All extremely valuable information.  Trust me.  Your summer will thank you.


So how do you listen to a podcast?

Well… you can listen to a podcast on Homefries in a player like the one above.  When you’re on Homefries, you can check out the show notes too.  You can also download a podcast on Homefries.

Or!   You can go to iTunes and subscribe to each podcast.  The shows will automatically download onto your ipod, your fancy phone, or your computer  We’ll be all up in your ears as you drive to work, waste time at work, fold laundry, run on the treadmill, bake in the kitchen… do it!


We want to be where you are… in podcast form.

Homefries is the creation of me… you know me… Joy the Baker, and my friend Michael.  Michael knows all sorts of important things about cameras, audio, video and computer stuff.  I know all sorts of important stuff about cinnamon, sugar, butter, and blueberries.  We make a pretty good team.

We made this for you.  It’s important to us.  We really hope you like it.

You all have been so wonderfully supportive of my work here for the past few years… this is something new.  This is something big.  Please let me know what you think… because it matters.