Beyond the Kitchen

Midnight Snacking

midnight snacking

My kitchen is clean.  It’s nearly spotless.

This is a huge problem.  This means I haven’t been cooking.

Wait.  That’s not to say that I haven’t been eating… because sweet Lord have I been eating.  I’ve been eating by the fistful.  Usually large bowls of pasta late at night.  Also, snacks.  A mean amount of snacks.  At midnight.

That makes them midnight snacks.

To make me feel better about myself… I’d like you to get on this midnight snack bandwagon as well.  Please… we’re in this together, right?

On the real… this is my midnight snacking life.

Kettle corn.  Dude.  Serious.

Hardboiled eggs with olive oil, salt, and coarsely ground pepper.

um…. Bourbon with Luxardo cherries.  Incredible.

Salty sunflower seeds.

Molasses Chocolate Chip Cookies.

and… Dark Chocolate Dipped Whole Wheat Sesame Pretzel Rods.

I can not wait to show you the project that has inspired all of this midnight snacking.  Soon!  Soon soon soon!

i heart u

In other news,  I doodle ‘ i love u’.

I’m obsessed with pale mint green nail polish.

And… my cat is all fur.  Professional fluff.

Thank you for letting me say hello today.  I’ll be back shortly with a recipe for you.  If it’s a recipe for salad, please forgive me.  I need to eat something green.