Midnight Snacking

midnight snacking

My kitchen is clean.  It’s nearly spotless.

This is a huge problem.  This means I haven’t been cooking.

Wait.  That’s not to say that I haven’t been eating… because sweet Lord have I been eating.  I’ve been eating by the fistful.  Usually large bowls of pasta late at night.  Also, snacks.  A mean amount of snacks.  At midnight.

That makes them midnight snacks.

To make me feel better about myself… I’d like you to get on this midnight snack bandwagon as well.  Please… we’re in this together, right?

On the real… this is my midnight snacking life.

Kettle corn.  Dude.  Serious.

Hardboiled eggs with olive oil, salt, and coarsely ground pepper.

um…. Bourbon with Luxardo cherries.  Incredible.

Salty sunflower seeds.

Molasses Chocolate Chip Cookies.

and… Dark Chocolate Dipped Whole Wheat Sesame Pretzel Rods.

I can not wait to show you the project that has inspired all of this midnight snacking.  Soon!  Soon soon soon!

i heart u

In other news,  I doodle ‘ i love u’.

I’m obsessed with pale mint green nail polish.

And… my cat is all fur.  Professional fluff.

Thank you for letting me say hello today.  I’ll be back shortly with a recipe for you.  If it’s a recipe for salad, please forgive me.  I need to eat something green.

117 thoughts on “Midnight Snacking

  1. There is therapeutic about sitting on the kitchen floor in the dark with just the glow of the fridge light, scarfing some left over chocolate cake or pizza and washing it down with some chardonnay right from the bottle!!
    A salad would be very much appreciated.

  2. I made kettle corn on saturday night! (err… technically speaking, sunday morning). I can’t wait to try your maple bacon kettle corn version – maybe this weekend?

  3. Those pretzels look soooo tasty. I just moved into a new apartment, and as such have not had time for real cooking. But midnight snacks I think I can (and will) do. Thanks for the inspiration, Joy!

  4. wow. that really IS all fur…

    please bring on the salad recipes… after baking birthday cakes, brownies and making tons of popcorn this week I need some detox, too.

  5. Too funny. I JUST made the molasses cc cookies. And I have to say it again, BEST COOKIE EVER.

    Hands down.

  6. please, oh please, tell me what kind of polish that is! i’m really into mint, too and have been dying to find the perfect, pale, cool shade!

  7. Midnight snacking rules. Midnight feasts were the biggest treat when I was a kid. Food just tasted so much better eaten at 3 am in the morning.

    It’s time for bed here in the UK, coming up to midnight. School night too. Teeth brushed, ready for snooze time. Yet the boy and I have just snuck in illicit mouthfuls of a Orange and almond cake I made earlier. Lovely. I guess some things you never grow out of.

  8. “um…. Bourbon with Luxardo cherries. Incredible.”
    In my early 20s, plenty of “dinners” were kettle one on the rocks with maraschino cherries. I admit to it :)

    And I admit to stalking the recipe for your choc chip molasses cookies and when i am back home and not traveling, i will be making those!

  9. Yes. Agreed. With all of those things. Especially the bourbon and cherries. Not to enable further midnight snacking (not that there’s anything wrong with it), but can I suggest one more snack idea? Peanut butter cinnamon-sugar toast. Spread slice of bread with butter. Then pb. Then sprinkle on lots of cinnamon-sugar. Broil in toaster or regular oven until it gets all caramelized and crunchy and creme-brulee-y and heavenly.

    You’re welcome.

    1. Oh man! The pb aspect of this idea is such an awesome spin on the regular old (but still oh-so-I-forget-how-good-every-time-delicious) butter with cinnamon-sugar. Also, I recently made the recipe for pull-apart bread formerly posted here, with the addition of orange zest to the cinnamon sugar, and the rest of that orangey cinnamon/nutmeg sugar goodness is just waiting to be smothered onto hot, crisp toast. Long post short, peanut butter and citrus make life better. Use ’em.

    2. I am going to try that today, for tea. By the way how do you make cinnamon sugar and what is to broil??? (I’m English) then I will make it for tea. I generally eat piles of buttered toast for midnight munchings.

      1. Ladychutney — mix granulated sugar and enough cinnamon in a little dish or bowl until the sugar turn a light brown. Then you sprinkle it on….everything!! And broiling is when your oven heats and cooks your food from a heating coil at the top instead of the bottom.

        1. Chess – thank you. I shall go and mix some cinnamon sugar straight away. I wasn’t sure if I would have to put a stick of cinnamon bark in a jar for eons to make it. So simple and quick.

          Broiling – ah – grilling (I think). Thank you very much.

      2. Ladychutney – just another note on broiling the toast – it usually only takes about 5 minutes…the cinnamon sugar will start to melt and bubble, and it will all kind of turn the same color…just keep an eye on it so the toast doesn’t burn. (also don’t be too eager to eat it, wait a minute or two…sugar gets super hot…i’ve definitely burned my tongue on cinnamon sugar toast before!)

        1. Thanks Hannah. I also love crunchy peanut butter and prawn sandwiches on Granary Bread. It’s a long time since I had one though. I might have to have a peanut butter and everything weekend.

    3. YUMMY, I have to try pb & cinnamon!!! I normally eat cinnamon & honey toast ~ so delicous, but goodness I do love PB! ( Cinnamon sugar is approx equal parts cinnamon & sugar mixed together, if you go the honey root you don’t really need the sugar)

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