My Plates


I don’t have one painting or picture hung on my walls.

I like white walls.   …I also don’t own a hammer.  No biggie.

I do, however, have a kitchen full of pretty plates, little cups, and wooden bowls.

I like to eat off of my art.

Since so many of you have asked me about my plates… well, here’s a few answers.

The answers mostly have to do with the Anthropologie sale table… just so you know.


These plates are the most often used and most often asked about on my blog.

They’re old.  This set was my grandparents’ wedding china… the china they received as a wedding gift waaaay back in the day.  I would love to tell you more about where this set is from, but all it says in the back is Made in China in a weird, fancy font.  There’s no brand name, or design name I can offer you.  Not ideal.  Apologies.


(a)  That stands for Anthropologie.  I get a lot of pretty plates from the sale section of Anthropologie.  It’s the spot.   Check it.

(v)  Vintage.  I find most of these little gems at thrift stores.   They’re usually a dollar.  Bonus.

(gift)s are nice.  I like plates as presents.

(super cheap) plates come from the 99cent store.  I’m not too proud… but why do these stores always smell funny?

(oops)  Maybe I accidentally ‘borrowed’ this little dish from a hotel in San Francisco.  That’s bad.  Don’t be like me.

(wedding)  plates from my grandparents’ and parents’ wedding.  Old and fancy.


Anthropologie plate + Ikea charger + wooden bowl from Whole Foods + random vintage spoon with stars on it = delicious carrot soup.


Tracy sent me a bunch of clever plates for  my birthday.  My favorite is this ceramic egg holder.  It’s totally classing up my fridge.  Thank you, Tracy!!

Speaking of eggs… these Robin’s Egg Wedges are too good.


Pretty little vintage plates + Ikea charger + wrapping paper + linens + old postcard + ceramic chic + baking sheet with used parchment paper = rad food styling?

Not everything has to match.  I’m not a matcher.

I hope this inspires you to

a) hit up thrift stores and garage sales for pretty plates and bowls.

b) buy pretty things from Anthropologie.

c) use wrapping paper as a disposable table cloth.

d)  eat off of pretty things.  every day.  because life is short.  and we can make it pretty.

136 thoughts on “My Plates

  1. I didn’t know Anthropologie but now I’ve been on their website I wish I could buy all these delicate and colourful cups and plates and tea towels… Your post reminded me how I used to paint and decorate things myself, I guess I will try it again, to spice up my boring dishes =) Your photos are as usual very inspirational!

  2. i love last sentence, it could be phrase on nice picture… i should think about paint something with this words :)

  3. My boyfriend keeps telling me off for buying random plates because ‘what are we going to do with one plate?’. Anthropologie plates are awesome but I sometimes prefer the thrift store ones because they feel that bit more unique. Also I use pillowcases as tableclothes because they’re easier to iron than a tablecloth.

  4. Wow, these are lovely. I am trying to build up a collection (very slowly) as we currently only have some dull white plates from ikea. They are okay I suppose for every day and would be able to go in a dishwasher which makes the BF happy but just not as happy making.

  5. love the plates. especially the antropologie ones. we don’t have that store. closest one is in the uk, and that can get very pricey.

    anyway. just wanted to say that. that your plates are super fantastic! and the wedding ones. adore!

  6. Last year for my birthday, I asked my friends to hit up thrift shops and give me dishes to feature on my blog. They totally came through! While white plates are standards for me, once and a while I’ll feature a fun colored dish and think of the person who gave it to me. This year I have more fun birthday ideas planned. I wish I could have these parties more than once a year!

  7. Eating off art is a brilliant concept. Kill two birds with one stone, and you are closer to art during every meal! I once went to a restaurant called art club – a restaurant in an art club. Your home restaurant redefines art club!

  8. Anthropologie sales are the BEST. I always hit up the clothes, but I’ll have to start paying a lot more attention to the other stuff. I hope that one day my pretty plate collection can be as lovely as yours. And that my kitchen skills can be as awesome as yours, duh.

  9. I love all your plates!! You know, I am usually a matchy-matchy type person. I like my dinner plates to match my toast plates to match my bowls. I dont know why, I just do. But, after reading your blog and seeing your beautiful plates, with all the pretty colours – and I never would have guessed that was wrapping paper!! I am now inspired to mix it up and get some pretty plates of my own to eat off and enjoy, because really, my matching plates are so boring.

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