Five Things for Monday


I made you some truly despicable muffins this morning.  They were full of peanut butter, and oats, and the best of intentions.

They were gross.

So here we are… stuck staring each other in the face.  It’s bound to get awkward.

All I have for you is a picture of my desk.

Um.  I love you.  I doodle it sometimes.

Can I tell you about real life?


I’m one of those girls that wears a ring on her ring finger.  I do that.  I’m not married.  I bought my own dang ring and wear it on my ring finger.  And I love it.  And it’s not coming off until… well, you know.  Maybe it confuses dudes:

Wait… is she married? She has a ring… wait.  Is that the right hand or left?  Wait.  That doesn’t look like a wedding ring.  Huh… I wonder if she’d give me her number so I can send her a text late at night, in like 2 weeks, and ask her what’s she’s doing.  Cause… Yea.

The ring confuses dudes.  I’m ok with that.


I have a letter from my friend Tyler on my desk.

Hi Tyler.

Tyler is currently in Afghanistan being a soldier.  I think about him and all the people over there doing brave things while I sit at my desk and complain about bad muffins.  I think about them every day… mostly because I don’t want them to get shot, or shoot people, or get hurt, or hurt anyone… but well… that’s tough.

I appreciate them so much.


I’ve got this manuscript on my desk.

THE manuscript.  For my book.  It’s almost done.

In the meantime… it’s kinda giving me nightmares.  Like… oh-my-god-this-is-a-dream-come-true nightmares.

Does that make sense?


I also have this encyclopedia-type food styling book on my desk.

It’s extensive and sufficiently overwhelming.

Wait… is my desk stressing me out?  Maybe just a little, tiny bit.

I’m going to go make some vegan cookies, eat too many, and them tell you all about them.  Real life.

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157 thoughts on “Five Things for Monday

  1. Sorry about the gross muffins. I can totally relate. Muffins are sometimes bullies, and that S ain’t right.

    P.S. I love your real life! Way to confuse dudes. Way to be awesome.

  2. go for a bike ride, it always provides heaps of inspiration and motivation for me. soak up the CA sunshine. have a good monday and the rest of the week. You rock!

  3. Your desk sort of sums up life, doesn’t it? I’m not sure I could explain everything on my desk. Good luck with the book manuscript – I have one on my desk too! Due Friday! Which is why I’m reading your blog, of course.

  4. I think you and your ring are super. Whatever happened to 30 things before 30? Or was it 31? Did I miss it or are we forgetting about that? I can forget about it if asking stressed you out.

  5. Say hello to Tyler and all the guys over there from me. For me be deployed overseas is a nightmare, a real one. Don’t know how they cope. A big hug for them all
    have a good “finishing this damn thing” day (I’m so eager to see your book)

  6. I think sometimes when the things you really hope for and dream about are happening, it is pretty scary. Why? Not sure. I’ll get back to you on that. :) In the meantime, tell your desk that you are the boss, and put it in its place.

  7. Love the ring and sorry about the muffins! My thoughts and prayers are with your friend Tyler and all others doing a tough job in a hard place.

  8. Good talk! This was a fun post. I enjoyed hearing about your life. Your manuscript, all edited like that really looks beautiful. I mean, from this perspective. I understand you mentioned nightmares. If I were you, and I were there, nightmarish might be the term I’d use. But from here, it’s beautiful.

  9. “-What are you doing?
    -Wanna come over?
    -Ummm. No! It’s 3 in the morning.”
    “-What are you wearing?
    -That’s hot!
    -Yes, literally.
    -Wanna come over?
    Love those. Haha.

  10. Your desk is way more organised than my desk. I’m currently have a pile of accounting manuals from the 1980’s cluttering up space for no reason whatsoever. I need to take some tidy-desk lessons from you :/

  11. “so I can send her a text late at night, in like 2 weeks, and ask her what’s she’s doing.”

    SO Annoying!! Seriously.

    Love the rest of the stuff on your desk. The manuscript!! Squeeeee! :)))

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