Juice Beauty Giveaway!

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UPDATE! Paige!  You’re looking forward to big, bright SUNSHINE this summer.  It’s a good thing you just won this Juice Beauty sunscreen!  Yay for you!

It’s a good thing you’re here.  I have treats for you!

It’s the first day of summer and I want to share a few of my favorite things for you.  They’re things for your face!!

Juice Beauty makes my absolutely FAVORITE facial sunscreen.  It’s a tinted mineral sunscreen.  There’s organic white grape and pomegranate juice, antioxidants, and just a hint of makeup coverage.  It’s like make-up without wearing make-up… plus sun protection!

Juice Beauty also makes an amazing face wash and mask… made out of apples.  The Green Apple Cleanser and the Green Apple Repair Mask help with brightening and refining.  They’re like anti-aging face products without completely frying your face off with weird chemically stuff.  I also happen to be obsessed with face products that have food items in them like… green apples, lemon, and cane sugar.

I’m into Juice Beauty, organic skin care.  I totally am.

So!  Let’s get you on this!  There’s two things you need to know!

(One)  One lucky reader will win the Juice Beauty Mineral Tinted Sunscreen, Green Apple Cleanser, and the Green Apple Repair Mask.  All three things!

Leave a comment on this blog post.  Tell me what you’re looking forward to this summer!  Comments close Friday evening June 24th.

(Two)  Juice Beauty wants you to be pretty pretty pretty.  So!  They’re offering you a Green Apple Repair Mask with any purchase of any Juice Beauty product.  Do you see what I’m saying here!?  A free, full-size face mask with the purchase of aaaannnyyything!  You could snag the Mineral Light Tinted Sunscreen and get a free mask!  Free stuff!!!

I’m totally not telling you what to do… I just like to put a bargain in perspective.  Ps.  When you buy stuff… Juice Beauty totally gives you extra little samples too.  Awesome.

Coupon Code: JOY

Offer stands : June 21- July 8, 2011

Boom.  Amazing.

2,524 thoughts on “Juice Beauty Giveaway!

  1. I am looking forward to closing on our new home, it has been a looonnnngg process and a stressful one also!!

  2. I’m looking forward to taking a vacation and going camping on a gorgeous lake. Nothing is better than hot weather, a cool lake, and beautiful surrounding mountains!

  3. I’m looking forward to my exams being over!!! I’m currently going through THE MOST IMPORTANT exam in any french student’s basic scholarship… OVER IN A WEEK! WOOHOO

  4. looking forward to my trip to Spain in a week! I am from Mississippi, but I am living in Ireland for the summer!

  5. Oh Joy! How amazing! I am looking forward to going north to see more Norwegian fjords, see my sister again, eat ice cream, relax in the sun, and swim in the sea! What are you looking forward to?

  6. These look really awesome. I’m looking forward to snow days in wintry New Zealand when you guys have awesome summer. Enjoy them!

  7. I’m an Australian living in Southern Germany ( so I doubt you’ll post the lovely stuff here!), but I’m looking forward to those moments after a hot day just after the sun goes down… its a Balmy-type feeling :) well, perhaps not here in Germany, but thats what I love about Summer in general!

  8. Hey, this seems just lovely!
    I’m really looking forward to my Southern Europe trip with my boyfriend. Soon enough now!

  9. Oooh! Goodies! I’m totally looking forward to getting a puppy…..in about 8 weeks. We’re just waiting for the litter to be born!! Eeek!

  10. Oh my gosh! I’m never first to comment on anything!

    That Juice Beauty swag looks amazing, so here goes: this summer, I’m looking forward to camping and river rafting and barbecues and salt water taffy and lazing around in a hammock set up under the shadiest of trees and lots of outside napping with hopefully little sunburnage. Yeah. Sounds perfect.

    Your blog always makes me smile, Joy! Happy summer!

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