Coffee and Lavender Sugar Body Scrub


I made you something for not your mouth.

Wait… is that the best way to say that?

I made you something for your body.  For showering.  For scrubbing.  For smelling.

Something to keep you company while you’re in the shower singing Who’s Gonna Drive You Home by The Cars.


Don’t act like you don’t sing that song in the shower… cause we all do.

… right?


I love granulated sugar as a body scrub.  It has just the right coarseness.  Sweet but aggressive.

Fine-ground coffee is a great addition.  It’s fragrant and feels like morning.  Lavender makes the whole scrub smell soapy.

The only ingredient you might not have on hand in vegetable glycerine.  I found mine at Whole Foods.  It’s cheap and really great for a scrub.

Unlike using an olive oil or almond oil, vegetable glycerine leaves your skin feeling soft and happy… but not completely coated in oil.


Take a closer look and read all about lavender’s medical uses.

Gas?  um… cool!


It’s as easy as stirring sugar, ground coffee, lavender with vegetable glycerine.


This is the part where I try to creep you out with my giant hands.

But just look how pretty this scrub is!


These hands are getting more creeptastic by the moment.

Scrub that scrub in and get ready to wash it off.


There might be a giant orange cat in your sink.  Kick him out.


Washy wash.

Wait.  Should we talk about my nails?

Hold on… just a sec.


I love this scrub!  Smooth, sweet smelling skin… all from the kitchen.

Now.. if you use this body scrub in the shower, the coffee grinds might leave a little hint of brown in the shower.  Don’t freak out!  You’re in the shower… it’s easily rinsed away.

If you’re afraid of the brown, you can replace the ground coffee with more granulated sugar.  No biggie.  Do you.


Oh!  This is my latest nail fashion.  I’m determined to have the nails of a DMV employee by the end of summer.  It’s getting real.

For more on my nail obsession, get in on this podcast!

Coffee and Lavender Sugar Body Scrub

makes about 1 cup

Print this Recipe!

1/2 cup granulated sugar

1/4 cup finely ground coffee (or use more granulated sugar if you’re afraid of a brown scrub)

2 tablespoons dried lavender

1/2 cup vegetable glycerine

Combine all ingredients and stir well.  Store in an airtight container for up to a week.  I keep my scrub in the refrigerator, because I like it cold.  Scrub on hands and body then rinse.

169 thoughts on “Coffee and Lavender Sugar Body Scrub

  1. what a creative ‘recipe’, Joy!

    I use body scrubs, the St Ives Apricot scrub is cheap, has been around forever, and always wins ‘best-of’ type awards in women’s magazines and that’s my go-to but your scrub looks awesome and I love all of these: lavender, sugar, coffee. They are staples for me!

  2. This sounds great but keep in mind caffeine can be absorbed through the skin. If you are sensitive to it (like me) switch to decaf.
    You always have the best pictures of you cat. He’s so fluffly and adorable.

  3. Did you know that coffee is good to combat cellulite too!!!!! I’m going to make a batch of this and after using it sit out on my deck and drink Lavender Margaritas! What a way to start a weekend.

  4. Ugh! This tasted terrible!
    Kidding – just wanted to ask if you know how damn cute your cat is. He is a beauty.

  5. I too have giant hands. As much as they’re not very dainty and kind of manly, they’re also really freakin’ useful, you might even say they come in pretty handy… *shudder, bad but irresistable pun. Anyway, Go big hands! High five!

  6. YOUR NAILS!!! I HEART THEM! for my 28th birthday I did a similar thing with black with orange on the diagonal point bit. It was in winter so worked ok. I love your nails. I love the scrub and i love the cat! Is that pic post-haircut? (i keep typing haircute…maybe it should be haircute?? like ‘nice haircute’)…

  7. I don’t know if you have the shop “Lush” over there but its my favourite place in all the world. They have this shower scrub made, basically from sea salt, lemon juice and mimosa and its made my skin so pretty and smooth and silky I’m sure I’ve looked like a madwoman in public just stroking my face. They do little classes on how to make your own stuff and I love doing it now. Its so much fun. And it makes me smell all nice and feel all pretty.

    Nice skin makes me happy.

    I wish I had the patience to keep up nail-prettiness though. My nails grow fast and strong so they’re pretty awesome but I can never be arsed to keep them polished and pimped up. Also, I’m a harpist so I have to keep them short which sucks. I am naturally blessed with ridiculously awesome nails and yet am not allowed practically to grow them. This makes me sad.

    Cats make me happy again though.

  8. You know what’s even more awesome? You can do this with spent coffee! Brew up a batch in the french press, drain and add to the rest of the ingredients. The smell and texture is still AWESOME.

    [Sorry, the thrify soul in my had to share that tip.]

    1. I was just wondering that Emily….good to know, because I too like to reuse stuff, and would hate for my coffee to go down the drain without a taste first!

  9. That has got to be the best looking giant orange cat I’ve ever seen!
    Plus I shall be making that scrub because apparently caffeine is good on cellulite. Who know why?

  10. I’m all about homemade scrubs/masks/hair stuff. And I love the coffee! Perfect for the morning. You’re a renaissance woman, Joy!

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