Coffee and Lavender Sugar Body Scrub


I made you something for not your mouth.

Wait… is that the best way to say that?

I made you something for your body.  For showering.  For scrubbing.  For smelling.

Something to keep you company while you’re in the shower singing Who’s Gonna Drive You Home by The Cars.


Don’t act like you don’t sing that song in the shower… cause we all do.

… right?


I love granulated sugar as a body scrub.  It has just the right coarseness.  Sweet but aggressive.

Fine-ground coffee is a great addition.  It’s fragrant and feels like morning.  Lavender makes the whole scrub smell soapy.

The only ingredient you might not have on hand in vegetable glycerine.  I found mine at Whole Foods.  It’s cheap and really great for a scrub.

Unlike using an olive oil or almond oil, vegetable glycerine leaves your skin feeling soft and happy… but not completely coated in oil.


Take a closer look and read all about lavender’s medical uses.

Gas?  um… cool!


It’s as easy as stirring sugar, ground coffee, lavender with vegetable glycerine.


This is the part where I try to creep you out with my giant hands.

But just look how pretty this scrub is!


These hands are getting more creeptastic by the moment.

Scrub that scrub in and get ready to wash it off.


There might be a giant orange cat in your sink.  Kick him out.


Washy wash.

Wait.  Should we talk about my nails?

Hold on… just a sec.


I love this scrub!  Smooth, sweet smelling skin… all from the kitchen.

Now.. if you use this body scrub in the shower, the coffee grinds might leave a little hint of brown in the shower.  Don’t freak out!  You’re in the shower… it’s easily rinsed away.

If you’re afraid of the brown, you can replace the ground coffee with more granulated sugar.  No biggie.  Do you.


Oh!  This is my latest nail fashion.  I’m determined to have the nails of a DMV employee by the end of summer.  It’s getting real.

For more on my nail obsession, get in on this podcast!

Coffee and Lavender Sugar Body Scrub

makes about 1 cup

Print this Recipe!

1/2 cup granulated sugar

1/4 cup finely ground coffee (or use more granulated sugar if you’re afraid of a brown scrub)

2 tablespoons dried lavender

1/2 cup vegetable glycerine

Combine all ingredients and stir well.  Store in an airtight container for up to a week.  I keep my scrub in the refrigerator, because I like it cold.  Scrub on hands and body then rinse.

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169 thoughts on “Coffee and Lavender Sugar Body Scrub

  1. Oh my gosh do I love you and your DMV nails! I am a huge fan of repurposing left over sugar bits and dried herbs into super fancy body scrubs – it’s the RIGHT way to exfoliate.

    Will you and Tracy be making scrubs and stuff along with friendship bracelets at the Sept. retreat? When can we hear more?

    Thanks, Joy!

  2. The body scrub sounds amazing, I need to stop spending silly amounts of money on lotions and potions so this is definitely being saved. Oh and I love, love, love the nails, mine were sparkly at the start of the week so I think I need to paint them again in time for the weekend…

  3. Dear Joy The Baker, you are a) ah-mazing b)clearly smell ah-mazing and c)have very sparkly nails, which make you one of my favourite reads in the AM. Well done you.

  4. I just wanna say that I’m jealous of the cats you have. I love kitties!
    Your nail polish is totally rad!

  5. Love the nails, the shape and length are just perfect! Your cat is a riot as always. I’m half convinced you’ve managed to come up with the secret recipe for kitty treats that makes him do just about anything in order to get some ;-)
    Will definitely be trying the scrub, just hope I don’t end up eating it. Is glycerin edible? I’m sure it is.

  6. …You’re so funny! lol… ;o) And this sounds delish’, as in fragrance terms… :o)

    …Kitty is lookin’ like, “hey Mama, can we get my litter box to smell that good?”

    …Love the nails. Of course they look adorable on you ’cause you’re young, cute, adorable, funny and no where near DMV employee material too I might add. Now if I were to sport those same nails then we’d be talkin’ DMV employee or night shift Quik Shop employee or pajama days at the local Feed Store, and yes they do happen! *shudders*sigh*giggle*

    …Have a happy weekend Joy & Peeps! Blessings… :o)

    1. …And I too would like to know if this leaves any oily residue at all? I love the thought of the scrub and the fragrance but not the feeling of oil left on my skin…*winces* :o)

  7. quick question – I quit using grapeseed oil as an after-shower moisturizer b/c it was staining my bed linens – do you think the glycerin would be better, especially since it’s rinsed off? Does it leave an oily residue?

  8. I have also found that the fine salt used for netti pots works as a great scrub for the face – it’s so fine and gentle, but still exfoliates. I tried it one night when I was desperate to remove some drying skin during winter and that was all I had in the house – it worked great by adding it to my facial cleanser. I even got compliments from my friend Maggie who always has flawless skin! I haven’t used it as a body scrub yet, but like I said, it’s great for the face!

  9. Are you some kind of gypsy mind reader? I was just considering making a scrub for my fellow bridesmaids, and lo and behold, here it is! Crazy awesome.

    Also, in regards to your nail obsession, have you tried out the new UV gel polishes? I here they are super durable and don’t damage your natural nails. All the nail polish companies are making them now, so it should be really accessible esp where you live. You’ll have to go to a salon though.

    Love to you <3

  10. Vegetable Glycerin instead of oil! Good to know. I received a homemade scrub for christmas, and though I really like it, all the oil is a bit hazardous in the shower. I feel like a greased up pig and until it all washes out of the shower, watch out or a quick trip to the ER might be next on your evening schedule.

    I’m going to have to make this with the glycerin. After listening to your podcast last night, I touched up my toenails AND did my nails, which is hopeless as they’ll be trashed in two days, but they look purty now!

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