Joy the Baker Podcast, Episode 1-10!


Joy the Baker Podcast, Episode 10!


Joy the Baker Podcast, Episode 9!


Joy the Baker Podcast, Episode 8!


Joy the Baker Podcast, Episode 7!!


Joy the Baker Podcast, Episode 6!


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Joy the Baker Podcast Episode 4!


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Joy the Baker Podcast Episode 1!

45 thoughts on “Joy the Baker Podcast, Episode 1-10!

  1. Hooray! Ten episodes old!

    Ok, I have gotten to listen to the podcast yet, but you can’t knock the tankini. Wait until you have stretch marks from 3 pregnancies across your stomach that look like you’ve been mauled by a tiger, you’re not going to want your belly hanging out there for all the world to see AND you need a two piece because doing the towel change at the beach parking lot is darn near impossible in a one piece. All I say is thank you, thank you to the clever person who came up with the idea. Trust me, it’s a good thing.

    Oh, and related note for the person who fussed at you about your sunscreen/tanning comments: both my dermatologist AND my MD, said ok to get sun on legs. Sunscreen the heck out of face and arms, but leave it off your legs for at least first 20-30 minutes you are in the sun, and then put it on your legs. You HAVE to get sun, your body needs the vitamin D and your legs are the safest place to do that. Got your back on that one Joy!

  2. Yay! I can’t wait to listen to this tonight. And I’m super happy that this episode is almost 20 minutes longer than the last.

  3. Oh good. I was saving episode 9 for when I had to work (I work from home) and needed something fun on in the background. But I haven’t had work this week, so yesterday I gave in and listened to it. I was bummed that I didn’t have it to listen to anymore. Now I have a new one to enjoy! I’m interested to hear what you two have to say about tankinis. :)

  4. Awwww, my daughter is turning ten soon — double digits is a big deal, congrats! Can’t wait to hear what’s in store for us on this podcast. I listen on my iPod and you two keep me company while I do things, like washing dishes and folding laundry. You make my day a little brighter, and I appreciate that :)

    PS. I’m with you on the tankini.

  5. I love your blog and read it all the time but have never felt compelled to post until now. I despise tankinis. Would rather wear a one piece or even a bikini any day. The tops ride up, they come down…they make your side “skin” bulge out. Hate them.

  6. I’m one of those rare people who really don’t like pants.. I like tights, and skirts, and dresses.. They’re so comfy. I feel like I’m wearing pajamas, but somehow it’s normal to just wear tights and a dress and people actually think you’re classy! I do own one pair of jeans, but they always give me the ‘muffin top’ feeling, while I am always comfortable with body wearing tights.. But I live in the north of Europe, so the summers aren’t really hot, I have the luck I can actually wear them all year long!
    Diet isn’t my thing too, I love moderation. Eating everything, but not too much of the ‘heavy’ things. And to be honest, I prefer those few extra pounds and enjoying food over having a smaller size..
    Great post! Fun to listen to while packing boxes for my move:)

    1. I too love tights, skirts and dresses. There is such more freedom of feeling! I only have one pair of jeans, which I hate wearing. I live in a cooler part of the US, so can wear tights for a long season. I love all the new funky patterns and colors. Plus love boots! It’s amazing how putting on a sleek pair of black boots can make me feel like Wonder Woman! Ah, the simple joys of life! : D

  7. I’ll be road tripping to the beach tomorrow morning, and I’m so excited that I’ll have you and Tracy to listen to! Can’t wait :)

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