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August 2011

Recipes Savory

Easy Sunday Lemon Pasta

Sunday is special. Sunday is my day for farmer’s market strolls, off-key church singing, and giant bowls of pasta. Sunday is not my day for standing in long grocery store lines, trying terribly to sing on-key, and dainty salads. I…

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Beyond the Kitchen

Summer 2011. As it Goes.

You’ve seen this part of my summer living… the part that’s in focus, well lit, and having everything to do with food.  You know this part of me well.  You’re probably hungry all the time, just like me.  This is…

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Cookies Fruit Recipes

Lemon Almond Meringues

Dear The French Laundry, How did a humble baker girl like me end up at a fine establishment such as yours?  Seriously.  Breathtaking.  How did this happen? Ok… truth be told, my friend Tracy extended a last minute invite, I…

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