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A Girl Obsessed: Nail Polish Giveaway!

August 11, 2011


Update!  We have a randomly selected winner!  Thank you to the many many many of you who are as obsessed with nail polish as I am.  I’m glad you’re here.  I have a feeling we’ll be playing around with more nail polish giveaways in the future!  Love to you!

nail polish winner

I am a girl obsessed.

I’m a girl obsessed with butter and sugar.  I’m a girl obsessed with my cat, and the cats of others.  I’m mildly obsessed with doughnuts.  I’m becoming obsessed with beer making.  I’m totally obsessed with my bike.  I’m newly obsessed with wearing a bike helmet.

And I’m bonkers obsessed with pretty nail polish and wacko nail design.  I’m.  So.  Into it!


I want to share my obsession with you…. that’s why today’s giveaway is four pretty NAIL POLISHES!  Let’s get those finger nails lookin’ right!  We’re pretty and we know it (but we’re totally not snobby… just happen to be pretty, right?)(Pfffftt).

Click on in here, there’s lots of nail inspiration to be had.

To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment below detailing your favorite nail color combination this season.  I’m into glitter.  It’s major.  Comments close Sunday August 14th at midnight.  Winner will be announced next week.  Win pretty colors!


Gradual glitter.  So easy to do!  A little on the thumb, a bit on the index finger….more and more, and pile it on the pinky.



Grey and bright pink with a silver stripe!

I had a nice manicure lady do this for me.  I don’t have that steady a hand.


Goth.  No biggie.


I’m getting closer and closer to having DMV employee nails.  I’m so excited!!


Inspired Inspiration!

Cindy’s Half Moon Mani.

Hey, Nice Nails! Crazytown nail art.  Go big.

Fashion inspire Tye-die nails!

4 on 1 nails.  ps.  Love this blog.

How about some Sophisticated Bling?

Straight Foxy!

Get your obsession going!  It’s time.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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