Pretty Pretty Bando Giveaway!

bando giveaway

I’ve got pretty things for you in a quick and dirty giveaway.


These are pretty pretty shoe clips from Bando.  Bando is a Los Angeles based, awesome-ladies-making-awesome-things, company.  They inspire me.  They have gorgeous and fun headbands, fluuuufffyyy pompom pins, hair clips, and shoe clips.

I happen to be obsessed with their shoe clips.  Hearts, PomPoms, and Rhinestones that you can clip to you flats or heels and instantly, instantly feel more like a pretty lady with pretty things.

Note:  sometimes it’s important to feel like a pretty lady with pretty things.

More Important Note:  it’s always important to feel like an intelligent, confident, and capable lady.  Don’t get it twisted.

I’d like to give three sets of sparkling, fun, effervescent shoe clips to three of you sparkling, fun, effervescent readers.

To win a pair of Bando shoe clips, here’s what needs to go down:

Pick up your technology phone and let someone know that they inspire you, let someone know that you appreciate them, let someone know that you love them.  Drop some sincerity and good love in the world in a phone call, text, or email.  Then come back here and leave a comment.

Put some love in the world.  Don’t worry.  It feels GREAT!

Giveaway ends at the end of this day.

photos from bando.  giveaway from joythebaker.