Pretty Pretty Bando Giveaway!

bando giveaway

I’ve got pretty things for you in a quick and dirty giveaway.


These are pretty pretty shoe clips from Bando.  Bando is a Los Angeles based, awesome-ladies-making-awesome-things, company.  They inspire me.  They have gorgeous and fun headbands, fluuuufffyyy pompom pins, hair clips, and shoe clips.

I happen to be obsessed with their shoe clips.  Hearts, PomPoms, and Rhinestones that you can clip to you flats or heels and instantly, instantly feel more like a pretty lady with pretty things.

Note:  sometimes it’s important to feel like a pretty lady with pretty things.

More Important Note:  it’s always important to feel like an intelligent, confident, and capable lady.  Don’t get it twisted.

I’d like to give three sets of sparkling, fun, effervescent shoe clips to three of you sparkling, fun, effervescent readers.

To win a pair of Bando shoe clips, here’s what needs to go down:

Pick up your technology phone and let someone know that they inspire you, let someone know that you appreciate them, let someone know that you love them.  Drop some sincerity and good love in the world in a phone call, text, or email.  Then come back here and leave a comment.

Put some love in the world.  Don’t worry.  It feels GREAT!

Giveaway ends at the end of this day.

photos from bando.  giveaway from joythebaker.

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572 thoughts on “Pretty Pretty Bando Giveaway!

  1. Thank you Joy. I am on annual leave for a few days. I have emailed my boss. We are very busy in work and the department is growing. I work in a HR services call centre. I made a big effort to pay pastry school starting in two weeks, every weekend for a year. Turned out they didn’t have enough students and got cancelled. My boss is changing my working pattern, I can now go to pastry school on Mondays. A call centre manager understood my passion, empowers me to pursue a fulfilling career.

  2. First, I got all up in my cats face and gave him some love. It was unappreciated but accepted. He’s aloof like that, sometimes it’s cute. Sometimes not.

    So my second attempt went to my mama, she’s a busy lady, got a lot going on, you know. Cleverest cookie in the jar though, and we hugged it out (metaphorically). Everyone felt better.

    Thanks Joy.

  3. I’ve been through a lot in these past few months. Boys are weird. You and Tracy talked about that during the red flags podcast at one point I believe. And if you didn’t, maybe I dreamed you did and it helped me anyway.
    Either way, my own friends have helped me in more ways than they know. I sent a few of them messages filled with love via email, facebook, and even tumblr to let them know how grateful I am for having them.

    Thank you for reminding us to do things as simple as this, Joy.

  4. Sent a message to a good friend who I can’t wait to see this week! Friends make everything better, it is good to let them know how wonderful they are. xx

  5. I sent a message to my roommate. She’s still at home, while I’m in the Dormitory already, I miss her so much and I’m bored without her ;)

  6. I text my mum to tell her that I really didnt appreciate her as much as I should have as a child, now im a mum I totally understand what she did and what she sacrificed for my and my sister. I love my mum so much and I just had to tell her. x x x x

  7. I texted my college roommate and told her I missed and loved her! I’m going to tell my mom I love and appreciate her tomorrow morning too… She’s sleeping now. :)

  8. I sent messages to two friends: an old one that I got recently back in touch with after 10 years, and a new one that I keep playing phone-tag with. Some things in life are worth waiting for.

  9. I love love bando :) also love feeling like a pretty lady!
    I sent on some love and best wishes to my work mate who is going through a tough time at the moment with personal illness so she could definitely use the cheering up and the reminder that Im thinking of her.

  10. Amazing idea! You can have a new pair of shoes everyday with these :)
    I let my younger sister know how inspiring she is today. Thanks for the push, Joy. She means a whole lot to me.

  11. I love the Bando ladies…all so spunky and lovely, totally makes sense you would do a giveaway with their treasures!

    Just layed some love down to my best friend…felt so wonderful :)

  12. Great idea, and great giveaway! I just called my aunt and told her how important she is to me, and how much I appriciate spending time with her. One of her best friends recently passed away, so she could definitely use the cheering up.

    1. I just told my husband that he is the most handsome man on the whole planet and that I am humbled by his awesomeness! I am giving lots of extra pets and treats to my kitties and I will look everyone in the eye today and dole out great big smiles. And now I will tell YOU, dear Joy, that you are fabbo babbo darling ; )

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