Beyond the Kitchen

Summer 2011. As it Goes.

summer as it goes.

You’ve seen this part of my summer living… the part that’s in focus, well lit, and having everything to do with food.  You know this part of me well.  You’re probably hungry all the time, just like me.  This is why we’re friends… no doubt.

There were the Roasted Apricots and the completely uh-mazing Angel Food Cake.  Tracy encouraged me to pour vodka over strawberries… so I did.  I also made tender Almond Meringues, and individual Peach Cobblers.  These are the things that have kept us together all these years… am I right?  Let’s be real.


There’s a part of my summer that you haven’t seen… the part where I scorch my skin to a lobster-esque hue, the part where I fall and scrape my knees, the part where I hang out with Tracy, eat in the grass, and meet new cats.

This summer has been graced with beauty and blessings.  Want to see?  It’s blurry.


This is my dear friend Whitney on her 30th birthday.  She’s making a wish.  She takes her wishes very seriously.  Get it, girl!


I brewed my first batch of beer this summer!  I.  Am.  Obsessed.

I’m changing the name of this blog to Joy the Brewer.  I hope you’re thirsty.

Because I’m so enamored by homebrewing, I’ve got a whole kit for myself:  buckets, carboys, funnels, syphons, strainers, thermometers… the whole deal.

I don’t even drink beer very often… oh man… I love making it!


While my beer brews, I get down with this homemade ginger syrup.  With a splash of bourbon, some sparkling water ,and a dash of bitters… oh my word!  Success!


This summer I made a mess with cocoa powder.  That’s nothing new.

What was I even making!?


Oh!  I was making these double chocolate indoor s’mores.

I got my grub on with these darlings… major.



There have been little get togethers and barbecues all summer.  Warm nights, late sunsets, hot dogs… I am in love with this time of year.

Oh!  The couple standing in the very center of this photograph… they are so in love.  They have the sparkle magic.  It’s completely beautiful.



Charles Bukowski

One of my favorites.  It makes me sad.  I love the way this man puts words together.



There was Hawaii.

I was very very lucky to visit.

There were palm trees and sunsets.  It’s a sweet lifestyle.


This man was there.

What do you do if a man is so genuinely wonderful that it takes your breath away?  … because that’s happening to me.


Oh!  I met a new cat in Hawaii too!  I think this might be Jules’ girlfriend… it’s long distance… they text a lot.


4 friendship bracelets.  3 best friends.  2 watches.  1 major fox bracelet.

It’s midnight.

One of these best friend arms is leaving the trio.  This picture is important.


Happy Birthday Jilly!

This picture is what life is.


You know Tracy!

She invited me to a fancy French restaurant in Yountville.  We drank a lot of wine, ate amazing food, laughed, and talked about nail polish.  Friendship for real.


I talk to Tracy every week.  We podcast.

She sits at a nice desk… like a civilized individual.  I sit on my bedroom floor and podcast off my bed.

When my friend Michael and I set up Homefries, I dunno… I thought I’d have a desk or something.  What’s up with that!?  Michael got the desk because he’s responsible for all of the fancy (and confusing) podcasting equipment.  I just have to put on headphones and talk into a microphone about nail polish and kittens.  I win.  I’ll stop complaining about the desk.  Sorry Michael.  High five teamwork!

That’s the fluffy cat sleeping in the back.

This is how I live.


I met my family in Seattle.  We went for a hike.

Apparently we’re a family that hikes together!


Well… wait.  We’re a family that hikes together if there’s lunch at the end.

Lunch in a Seattle field.  I won’t soon forget this day.


Horseshoes are lucky.  Fried chicken is luckier.  Beer is luckiest.

Family dinner at Bravehorse Tavern, Seattle.


And that’s it.  That’s game.  That’s summer so far.

There’s been love and travel, sharing and learning.  There’s been newness.  There’s been teamwork.  There’s been a little sadness.  There’s been morning fog.  There’s been big sun.  There’s been stunning sunsets.

I hope this season is treating you well.  I hope you’re excited for the future.

I hope you eat dark chocolate and fresh blueberries… and I hope you feel like you have a blessed life.

Get at this life!  Make it your own!

Past seasons of my living can be seen here and here.  Get nosey!  I totally would.

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