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Fresh Tomato and Arugula Bagel Pizzas


This is the end.  This is the end of my day.  This is the end of the week.  This is the end of a pizza bagel before it meets my belly.

The end looks like a toasted bagel with fresh, seasoned tomatoes, salami, melted fresh mozzarella, and lemon pepper arugula.

The end.  The end tastes toasty, fresh, salty, and melty.  The end also has Project Runway reruns.  The end is pretty good lookin’.


This is the beginning.  The beginning of my day.  The beginning of my natural and unrelenting carb cravings.  The is the beginning of a bagel pizza.

Now…. just to clear the air:  Yes.  Yes… I come to you with bagel pizza pictures.  This has to be ok, because this is how I live.  If you don’t crave pizza bagels on a daily basis then… I don’t even know you anymore.  I just don’t.


I love bagels… but I sometimes take the soft inside bits out.  More room for good filling.  Fresh, unevenly sliced tomatoes.  Go!


Salt and pepper are totally necessary.  This already looks good.  It’s just tomato and bread.


Tomato and bread and meat and cheese.

It’s just like a best friend party!


These loaded bagels get placed on parchment paper and put under the broiler.  They’ll get toasted and melty.

What could go wrong?


Um… I’ll tell you what could go wrong!!!!!!!

If you put parchment paper under the broiler, it will catch on fire and you’ll burn your house down.

I’m not joking.  I know this to be true… because I totally almost burned my house down.

That’s an exaggeration, but I really need you to understand.  No parchment paper under the broiler.  Don’t be like me.


Ok… don’t burn your house down like me… but you should totally eat like me.

Make yummy choices that include things that melt.


Top those melty things with arugula that’s been sprinkled with fresh lemon juice, salt, and pepper.

My neighbor walked by my house extra extra slow as I was taking pictures of these little bagel darlings.  It looked like he might have even combed his hair and buttoned his shirt up past his belly button this time.  Well played, neighbor sir.  I look nice, but I’m not sharing.

Oh!  There’s no traditional recipe for this bagel creation.  It’s all you!  Grab a bagel, tomato, salami, cheese and greens.  Make delicious!