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Apple and Pomegranate Brussels Sprout Salad

November 2, 2011


Note:  It’s past midnight… and I’ve lost my mind raiding my chocolate drawer.

Second Note:  I have a chocolate drawer… it’s an occupational perk and hazard.

Third Note:  I used to have a chocolate drawer.  Just wrappers now.

Fourth Note:  Why does Kim Kardashian insist on making such a joke of her life?  It must be the money.  Right?  It’s gotta be the money.

… and now!  SALAD.


I know what you want.

It’s not Brussels Sprouts.

I know what you want… because what you want is what I want.

You want chocolate.  I know this because I’m eating chocolate, kinda right now.

Seriously though…  we have to play it cool.  We have to sit at the table until we finish our vegetables.

There’s salted caramel in our future.  There’s fried things.  There’s cocktails.  There’s all the buttery things you would expect from me.

Eyes on the prize.  Let’s just hush up and eat our pretty salad.


If we’re going to eat a salad, I insist that it be pretty and jeweled.

This is fennel.  It’s licorice crunch.


Sexy, jeweled, murder fruit.

Pomegranates are gorgeous… and they stain EVERYTHING.


Thinly sliced apples and slivered almonds.

YEA!  In a salad!


All of this goodness gets tossed with shaved, raw Brussels sprouts.  This salad was inspired by Cube restaurant in Los Angeles.  I think this preparation of Fall Brussels sprouts is divine, fresh, and super healthy.

I tossed this salad with fresh lemon juice, good olive oil, salt, and pepper.  Very simple.

Perhaps you want to try a Poppy Seed Vinaigrette, or a Green Goddess Dressing.

Eat up.  Prepare yourself for the caramel and cheesecake that’s about to happen here.


Apple Pomegranate Brussels Sprout Salad

makes 4 small or 2 large portions

inspired by Cube restaurant in Los Angeles

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about 1 pound of Brussels sprouts (I used about 20 sprouts)

1/2 cup fresh pomegranate seeds

1 small fennel bulb, sliced very thin

1 Fuji apple, sliced thin

handful of toasted slivered almonds

salt and pepper

lemon and olive oil

Rinse brussels sprouts of any dirt or grime.  Place on a cutting board horizontally, and slice thinny, creating little brussels sprout rounds and ribbons.  Place in a large bowl and set aside.

Wearing an apron, deseed pomegranate and gather about 1/2 cup of seeds.  Add to the brussels sprout bowl.

Add thinly sliced fennel and apple, as well as the slivered almonds.  Toss together using hands.  Add the juice of 1 lemon, a good drizzle of olive oil, and a healthy pinch of salt and coarsely ground pepper.  Toss together, let rest for about 20 minutes in the fridge so the lemon can slightly soften the sprouts.

Serve in generous portions.  Top with more pomegranates if you’re feeling fancy.  I’m always feeling fancy.[/printab

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