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UPDATE!  Thank you to everyone who signed up for ENJOY!  Subscriptions are now full and closed until the next round of gifting in February.  Love to you all!  Joy

I’ve been cooking up a little something for you!  It’s not brownies or cheesecake but I hope you like it all the same!

It’s mail.  It’s cute surprises in your mailbox that are not bills or flyers.  It’s real-life gifts to yourself or for a friend!  Let me explain how this works.

ENJOY!  is a subscription gift program.  It’s a mystery gift delivered right to your door. Like a wine of the month club… only better!

Every three months I pair up with a different cool, quirky company and hand select a unique little gift package for you.  It could be a cool kitchen item.  It could be something for you to carry in your purse.  It could be a little something for your vanity.   Whatever it is, it’s a new and exciting thing that arrives in your mailbox every three months.  …We’re not talking freebies or samples… we’re talking full-on awesome gifts!

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ENJOY! subscriptions would be an awesome gift for you, a sweet holiday surprise for a friend… or maybe you want to subtly forward this post to your significant other.  Holiday gift, hint hint… nudge nudge!  Tell them that it’s way better than a wine of the month club.  And if you sign up for this season, your gift will be there in time for the holidays!

Enjoy subscriptions

ENJOY! gifts will be shipped in time for the holiday season.  Surprise yourself!  Surprise a friend!  Surprise your wife!  Heck, have someone order it for you and act surprised when it arrives.

Cost of subscription is $25- charged every three months for as long as you’re a subscriber.  That’s if you’re in the US.  If you’re international, subscriptions are $30- charged every three months for as long as you’re a subscriber.  Each gift is worth more than the cost of subscription… so it’s a deal and a treat all in one.  I love it and I want you to love it too.  Think of it as that little treat that helps keep you (and your friends) sane.

Subscription spaces are limited.

204 thoughts on “ENJOY! curated gifts from joy the baker

  1. I’m all signed up! I’m so excited, im an incredibly, incredibly stressed MSc student and the thought of getting little gifts in the post will really brighten up my life! Thank you!!

  2. Joined!
    So excited! It’s starting to feel like Christmas! I’m really curious to see what you have prepared for us… :-)

  3. I’m sorry in advance because I know this is a semi-irritating question, but would you say the sources of the gifts qualify as local/small businesses? I only ask because that’s our requirement for family Christmas gifts this year….either way, I know I’m signing myself up! :)

  4. this is awesome! but yes, i do have questions like the others, if i enter this how long should i commit for? i’m in the middle of relocating to other country, so if anything, could i cancel it after 1 quarter? thanks a lot joy! :)

  5. What a great an exciting idea. I purchased a subscription for my sister in law. Will they be getting an explanation with the first gift? Or should I fill her in on what it’s all about?

    I love your blog and enjoy reading it even though I’m too lazy to cook.

    1. here you are heidi,

      You may be responsible for import taxes or other customs fees for your package. As each country has different customs, we cannot be responsible for the delays and fees. The best thing would be to contact the customs directly. We have no way to contact the customs from here.

      1. I am beyond excited for this.

        In the UK (where I am) customs is not charged if you put on the form that the item is a GIFT, so that would be worth a try? If they charge a customs charge they also charge and administration charge for charging the customs charge, meaning it ends up being like another £15 (£4 customs fee, £11 admin fee).
        Can’t wait!

        1. Hi!
          I live in France, so same problems. The poste said that if it is value under 50 US$ it should be no fees for EU from US mails. Happy day!
          biz –

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