Joy the Baker Cookbook!

joy the baker cookbook!!!

Would now be an ok time for me to freak out a little bit?  ….because I’m totally freaking out right now.  I’ve been sitting in front of this keyboard for hours, and I can not, for the life of me, think of a non-spazzy way to introduce what I’m about to introduce.  So…

It’s the Joy the Baker Cookbook!!!
how many exclamation points can I get away with there?  I was hoping for thirty (million).

The Joy the Baker Cookbook is a heartfelt exploration of butter and sugar.  It’s 100 recipes that I made in my kitchen… so you could make them in your kitchen.  Things like Red Velvet Marble Cake, and Strawberry Cookie Dough Ice Cream.  There’s milkshakes, skillet cakes, and french fries.  A whole chapter dedicated to my love of pancakes?  Yes… clearly.  There’s butter, sugar, cream, love, and smiles.  All of these things should be shared in hearty measure, so I put them in a book and I’m offering it to you.

The Joy the Baker Cookbook is published by Hyperion and will be released on February 28, 2012.  It is now available for pre-order through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
Would now be a good time to nudge you and tell you that this book that came from my heart and soul is under $13 through Amazon and Barnes and Noble?  I happen to think that’s bonkers amazing… I was sure that the content of my soul was worth bumble bees and heart shaped chocolate candies… what do I know?


Behind the scenes there’s lots of cake, and pudding, and bars, and more cake.



Behind the scenes there’s lots of coffee and memory cards.


joy the baker cookbook!!!

Well… Here it is! Here’s the cover, with dessert goodness bursting in the pages behind it.  Here’s the permanent thing that’s going to go into the world with my thirty year old (lovingly airbrushed) face on it.  This is real life.   I’m biting my nails with nerves and jumping for joy.  I hope you’re excited.  I made this for you!  Get your Joy the Baker Cookbook pre-order on!

I love you!