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Minted Holiday Card Giveaway

November 27, 2011


WINNER UPDATE! Two winners have been randomly chosen!  Kierstan @ Live {and running} in Iowa, and Kelly W. You both win win win!  Thank you to Minted for the awesome giveaway, and thank you to YOU for being a part of my blog, and making my internet life so awesome.  I appreciate you!

I love what happens to my mailbox this time of year!  It sills with beautifully designed holiday cards.  There are pictures.  There are warm greetings with happy wishes.

I chose these Year in Review Holiday Cards from Minted.  I don’t have a baby.  No biggie.  Minted still helped me make an awesome card!One of my absolute favorite stationary companies is Minted.  I love their photo holiday cards!  There are options for days, and lots of cute ways to customize your cards.  This totally sounds like a commercial, right?  Well… here’s some real talk.  I love Minted because they have tons of options for all sorts of life and holiday situations.  I don’t feel like I need a darling baby or a fiance to make and send holiday cards.  I can make cards with a holiday greeting from just little-ole-me.  Holiday greetings from babies and engaged couples are always cute.  It takes a special touch to make my bonkers life looks holiday worthy.  Thank you Minted!

Minted has holiday love for two lucky readers.  Minted would like to offer two of you a set of 50 customizable photo holiday cards. Your photo.  Cute colors.  Envelopes and return address labels.  How wonderful is this!?

Leave a comment on this post from now until Tuesday, November 29th at midnight pst.  Tell me what you’re looking forward to this holiday season.  Winners will be chosen at random, and will be announced on Wednesday, November 30th.

Check out Minted for some gorgeous holiday cards and some pretty amazing CyberMonday deals.  They’re special.  Let them make something special for you.


Happy Holidays!  What a sweet world it is!

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  • I am looking forward to spending some quality time with my family…life gets a little too hectic around the holiday season.

  • I am looking forward to little things like decorating the tree with my kids, making salt dough ornaments, having the kids help me shop for and wrap gifts, bake cookies etc. It’s really all about the little things! Hmmm….if I won this giveaway, I think my friends and family just might get Christmas cards from us this year. I will have NO excuses!

  • I always look forward to seeing my nieces and nephews open their gifts!

  • I am purely looking forward to the time of work and being able to catch up with friends and family- with mince pies and wine involved!

    Lovely cards!

  • I’m looking forward to a much needed break of baking, friends, family, and NOT doing any school work for two weeks!! Seriously, school is driving me nuts.

  • Cute cards! I’m so excited to RELAX this break. This term at school has been crazy so I’m looking forward to doing a whole lot of nothing with my favorite people.

  • Those are so cute!! I am looking forward to baking up a storm, and sharing the little
    Things in life with the big people in my life

  • Those cards are too perfect! I’m looking forward to doing my holiday shopping locally in my small town and/or handmaking gifts for family and friends!

  • Looking forward to the holiday season at work. One of the best parts of my job is the holiday cooking and crazy retail season. And lots of baking. And lots of friends. And lots of sweaters and boots and scarves. :)

  • I love minted! I just ordered my holiday cards from somewhere else, because I can’t afford minted, but I would love a redo with one of their awesome designs.

    I’m looking forward to traveling home and hosting a tea party with my grandma this holiday season.

  • I’m looking forward to an excuse to drink all the hot chocolate IN THE WORLD!

  • Looking forward to spending time with my son, my family, and friends. I’ve been taking night school while working and caring for a 3.5 y.o., so I’m pretty spent. It will be a nice break. I also plan to do some baking in the kitchen. Cathartic work.

  • I’m looking forward to Christmas treat baking and spending some much needed sibling bonding time with my big brother who lives out of town.

  • Fun cards! I’m looking forward to spending time with family and friends and baking up a storm of holiday cookies.

  • I am excited to get down to a healthy wait BEFORE the New Year. So that for the first time in a long time my new years resolution wont be to lose weight.

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