Wednesday Advice: Be a Friend


A thought for this Wednesday:

Tell a friend that you love them.  Tell them that you think they’re incredibly special… that you’re lucky to spend time with them, and share smiles, and lunch, and lavender soda.  It’s an important thing to tell people.  We don’t know how long we get to last in the world.

I care about you.  I made you beef stew.  Recipe shortly.

63 thoughts on “Wednesday Advice: Be a Friend

  1. Thanks for the post, Joy! It’s so true. I kind of think beef stew and cookies and brownies mean “I love you,” too. But then again, I reaaalllly love beef stew (and brownies – obvi!). Can’t wait for the recipe!

  2. Joy,
    This is really a little frightening.
    I was just about to tell a friend, bcause i just appreciate,
    what she just told me yesterday evening.
    it is so important, friends are always
    Straight forward in their speaking to you.
    it brought me to think a lot.
    But thats what friends are for, aren’t they?
    H.: I am so happy to have you back!
    Hugs! (To H. AND to Joy of course).

  3. @ Chris…I betcha they won’t. Just do it. After 3 years I am changing branches on Friday and today one of my lovely coworkers said “But who’s going to randomly tell me they love me now?!?!?!!?”…best compliment yet.

  4. I could not agree with you more. I really enjoy reading your blog, it definitely brightens my day/week. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and musings. I appreciate you and your hard work. Happy Tuesday Night to you.

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