New Things at!


Good things are in the works and you need to be in the know.

Let’s talk about  I’m so proud of it and I want to share.

There are some awesome things being made by the people that we’ve gathered.

The Joy the Baker Podcast is still going strong.  We’re on episode 28 and it’s bonkers fun to produce with Michael and Tracy.

But there’s more more more!


I host a new podcast too!  It’s called We’re About to Be Friends.  Every episode I talk to someone that I admire and adore.  I call up people I’m obsessed with, I ask them all the nosey questions I can think of, and by the end of the podcast I hope to call them my friend.

I’ve chatted with Jessie Oleson from Cakespy!

Aarti Sequeira from The Food Netowrk’s Aarti Party is a sparkle pony (that’s totally a good thing!).

And Sara Kate, founding editor of The Kitchn, is a total inspiration.  There’s lots of big personalities and dear hearts in the future so please please please get your listen on… especially if you’re as nosey as me.

We have big guests coming up.  Heck yes… I got to chat with Bakerella!  It was awesome.  I don’t want you to miss this stuff.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, or subscribe on iTunes to stay up on all of the good!

We also have a new podcast called The Because Show.   Jerilyn, Susan, and Amy are three working moms that don’t talk about work or momming.  It’s straightforward lady talk.  I dig it and I hope you do too!


We’re also writing more at Homefries.  Eyes and ears people… we want both!

Tracy writes a weekly column called High Straighenence.  She takes a messy part of her house and neat freaks the heck out of it.  It goes from real-life to real life all tidied up.  It’s a kick in the pants for cleaning inspiration.


We have a column called Your Fashion Story!  Andrea Choe takes your fashion dilemmas and solves them pretty.  Andrea’s inspiration was a life saver when I was trying to pack for my trip to Baltimore, New York, and St. Louis.  She also tackles the ever present shoe debate.  I love this bit of real life inspiration!


Nathan writes a weekly column for gentlemen (and subsequently, ladies that love gentlemen).  It’s called The Proper Man.  It’s a column about gentlemanly stuff… I sort of use it as a gift guide.  Nathan has pretty impeccable taste and I love the insight into proper dude things!

We’re working so hard on Homefries… mostly because we just totally love it.  We’re working hard to create content that you’ll love too.  There’s audio.  There’s articles to read.  There are loads of things to subscribe to and be a part of…

And there’s a whole exciting future that we’re building too.  It’s such a blessing to bring you things that we love!




Keep in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter.  You’ll want to stay on it!  We’re doing big things!

35 thoughts on “New Things at!

  1. Oooh yay! That sounds like bunches of fun!! Can’t wait!! Will you have all food-related people on? If you are, may i suggest the Pioneer woman? And if you aren’t, may i suggest the Biebs? Ohhh, yes.

  2. Awesome Joy! Love the collaboration and inspiration. If anyone reads this, I made the salted carmel cheesecake, WOW, it was awesome. A big hit! I would recommend it.

  3. Can’t wait to check out the new podcast. I am a big fan of Aarti (ever since the Next Food Network Star). You make my days happier, Joy! Thanks for putting in all that work!

  4. I have been a homefries fangirl since day one! Listening to the Joy the Baker podcast is the only way I can get my kitchen really clean. I am glad you are doing more podcasts now, as hopefully that means my kitchen will get cleaned a little more often. Also, you make me laugh out loud like a weird while I am riding my bike.
    Woo hoo!

  5. because I need more time online. these look AMAZING. Totally listening to your podcast, about to do my pre-bedtime cleaning, echoing the sentiment that without your podcast I would have no clean laundry. :)

    I’m getting jessie oleson’s book autographed on saturday. everytime I see something about that, something leaps in me like an excited girl at a beatles concert. thank you for this. ugh. must clean now. must add more podcasts to the queue

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