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The Simple Lunch


The Simple Lunch is for days when:

maybe you’re nervous and possibly overwhelmed.

you’ve considered dipping your morning muffin in good olive oil.

you want to remember the days when you highlighted your hair with lemon juice and sunlight.

you need to sprinkle salt on your lunch aaaannnddd over your shoulder.

you want day wine… maybe two glasses.  no judgements.

venice wallpaper

Take a moment to enjoy The Simple Lunch…

it’s just like taking a warm morning walk.

it’s just like relaxing on your couch and just zoning out staring at your wall paper.

The Simple Lunch is happy and relaxed.

Grab a baguette, a ripe avocado, lemon, sea salt, fresh ground pepper, and a sprinkling of olive oil.  Aaand go!

Real talk:  I bring you this abbreviated post because I’m bonkers busy right now.  But but but!  BUT!  Avocado toast is majorly delicious and and AND, I’m trying to figure out a way to put baked cheese things on a stick.  I’ll bring you those treats (fingers crossed) this weekend!  I love you… let’s hug.