ENJOY! subscriptions open again!


January 29th 2012 UPDATE:

Thank you to everyone who signed up for this round of subscription gifting.  I’m so excited to get gifts in your hands!  Subscriptions are now closed and will open again at the end of April 2012!

Gifts just get better and better!  Be a part of the fun come April!

– joy the baker

ENJOY! is a subscription gift program.  It’s a mystery gift delivered right to your door. Like a wine of the month club… only better!

Every three months I pair up with a different cool, quirky company and hand-select a unique little gift package for you.  It could be a cool kitchen item.  It could be something for you to carry in your purse.  It could be a little something for your vanity.   Whatever it is, it’s a new and exciting thing that arrives in your mailbox every three months.  …We’re not talking freebies or samples… we’re talking full-on awesome gifts!

It’s easy!  Every three months, you get a gift!

enjoy gift

What was the last ENJOY! gift?

For the last round of gifting I worked with a Los Angeles company called Poketo.

Poketo creates “art for the everyday”.  They work with artists and turn their work into awesome everyday things like wallets, stationary, calendars, plates, and these awesome clay chain necklaces that I’m obsessed with.  With Poketo we gifted cool wallets and arty calendars.  Surprise gift success!

Read on… sign up! (I’m bossy.)

What is the next Enjoy! gift?

Don’t be silly!  That’s a surprise!  I can’t tell you!

But… let me give you a hint… because I’m totally SO bad at keeping secrets.

The next Enjoy! gift is a few treats that you’ll get down with in the kitchen.  I love them and I hope you do too!

What if I don’t like my Enjoy! gift?

I try hard to select fun, useful gift that I think everyone can enjoy.  I choose things that I love, and I want you to love them as well.  I won’t ever send you peanuts or booze… not everyone is into that sort of thing.  Beyond that, it’s a surprise gift!  A surprise treat to yourself!  If you don’t like your subscription gift, please feel free to regift the heck out of it.  We’re unable to accommodate returns or refunds.  It’s a surprise!  If you don’t like surprises… and not everyone does… Enjoy! may not be the program for you.

Ps.  I really do think you’ll like it though…

When will I receive my next Enjoy! gifts?

Great question!  International and domestic Enjoy! gifts will be shipped  the last week of February.  Domestic gifts will arrive within one week after shipment.  International gifts will arrive within two weeks to a month after shipment.

Already a Subscriber?

If you’re already a subscriber, you don’t have to do a thing!  You’re all set!  An automatic payment will post to your account and you’ll receive your gift in early March.

If you need to amend your subscription status, or change your mailing address, please login to Paypal to make any adjustments.

Want to be a Subscriber?

Update:  Subscriptions open again in late April 2012.  

I’m bonkers excited about the next round of gifting!  Enjoy! has been a super unique way to put the things that I love in your hands.

ENJOY! subscription slots filled up so fast last round! We’ve buffed up the program and we’re ready for more!

If you’d like to sign up for Enjoy!, now is your time!

ENJOY! subscriptions are $25 domestic and $30 international.  Price includes gift and shipping, and are charged every three months for as long as you’re a subscriber.  Each gift is worth more than the cost of subscription… so it’s a deal and a treat all in one.  I love it and I want you to love it too.  Think of it as that little treat that helps keep you sane.


114 thoughts on “ENJOY! subscriptions open again!

  1. I joined. It’s so cool that you do international shipping. I’ll feel so American when I get my package. :)

    btw.. when I paid via paypal and clicked to return to joythebaker I got the gnarly dude 404 page. I lol’d.

          1. APO is American Post Office – thus we receive our mail just as everyone in the US does, it just takes a little longer as it is shipped overseas, but it’s still the USPS. :)

  2. Hi. I am really keen, though I don’t seem to be able to change the country I want the really cool sounding gift sent to. Can you help me?
    Cheers Erin

      1. Hi. I live in Ethiopia, but the account is set on Australia (my home country) for some reason – and I don’t seem to have the option to change this when I go to pay for the Enjoy subscription.
        Cheers Erin

  3. Honestly, I didnt’ have much use for the last gifts, but they were neat and made me curious to check out more from Poketo. Regifted them because they are cool gifts, just not for me. HOWEVER-it was totally worth it just to receive a postcard with Joy’s signature and just getting the package in the mail!! Totally made my day! (or month at least!) :-)

  4. I hope these kitchen things are things that I don’t have already. I buy myself a ton of kitchen utensils as is but I always love having more. I’m thinking about signing up!

  5. I told my hubs last time around that I wanted a ENJOY subsc for Christmas – it filled up before he got around to purchasing… so this time I’m taking things into my own hands! Count me in!

  6. This sounds so cool!! I missed out on subscribing last time, so I think I’ll jump on board for this round! Your hint already has me wondering…thank goodness for you that we don’t know each other in person. I love surprises, but can’t be patient, and would probably bug you like crazy trying to pry out more hints from you. Lol *Side note* I’ve recently started listening to your podcast. LOVE it. I play it in the kitchen while I’m cooking, so thanks for being my “cooking” buddy. :)

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