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January 1, 2012


So much happens in a year.

Full of days.  Full of hours.  Full of moments and opportunities.  Full of choices.  Full of beauty and grace.  Sunshine and fog.  Cookies and pie.

Here are some images of this past year… and here’s a big hiphiphooray for the days, hours, moments, and opportunities in front of us.


Heart United States.  Heart your state.  Heart this cottage by the beach.


Waiting for fried fish lunch in Malibu.


A super special lunch date with Tracy at Zuni Cafe, San Francisco.


One fine meal: Caramelized Mushrooms with Chive Biscuits.


Making Buche de Noels.  A reason to be happy.


I love walking the streets of Brooklyn.  It feels like romance every time.


Days in St. Louis glowed shiny grey.  This is Rachel’s house.  I wish I could climb up that porch and knock on the door everyday.


First football game.  I was wearing a jersey.  It got real real.


I ended the year with giant gems.   A treat for myself… because I like to feel pretty.


I started this brand new year with a bunch of friends, a bunch of waffles, a couch out in the sun, and disposable plates.

Let’s ease on in to 2012.  Let’s commit to making it great.  Let’s be extraordinary… and have the pictures to prove it.

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  • I hope you have a wonderful and exciting year Joy and give us lots to read and laugh about!

  • Thank you for this post and for this blog! I’m so very grateful I discovered your blog last February. I’ve tried lots of your recipes, and they are fabulous. But as a girl in her early twenties, half the fun comes from learning through the life that you share here how to live my own to the fullest. Happy 2012!

  • …Amen that. :o)

    …Love the bling – pretty! And I love the house in St. Lou’, so classic and beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

    …Happy New Year! My hope is it will be a new year filled with love, happiness, prosperity, good health and COOKIES!

    …Thank you for doing what you do and for being YOU! :o)

    …Love to you & blessings too.

  • I’m so excited you included a pic of my hometown in this post! I just visited St. Louis for the holidays and blogged about all the great things in it-but I forgot to mention the beautiful winter light there, it really is gorgeous.
    Thanks for including StL!

  • I love your New Years bling! :) Here’s to a wonderful 2012!

  • I am fiending for your neck piece… Gawjus Joy! Happy new year!

  • It was a great year for your blog! Thank you so much for sharing your delicious recipes with us and for constantly being hilarious :) Cheers to 2012!!

  • I love your giant gems and that you and Tracy are such good friends. To have a friend like that is such a huge gift. To feel like you have that one special girlfriend who totally “gets you” and is always there for you is awesome and I hope everyone has that one friend.

    Btw I was reading yesterday and saw that you were Best Baking blog 2011. Somehow I missed that and it was announced in like..July? So just a wee bit late, but congrats :)

  • What a year it has been! I am so glad I discovered your blog this summer; it has been truly inspirational! Thanks for all of the great recipes and for sharing your life with us, Joy!

  • You did have a great year! These aren’t food related, but I love that Timex watch, and that Kate Spade (I think?) necklace looks fabulous!

    Hope you ease into an incredible 2012!

  • Yayyy! It’s been quite a year, my dear. Thanks so much for sharing your awesome life with us, in all its cat-centric, sugar-sprinkled, adorably neurotic glory :)


  • Happy New Year Joy! Great look back at 2011 can’t wait to see what you come up with in 2012!

  • looks like you had a wonderful year. here’s to enjoying 2012 and living like there’s no…next year! hey, those mayans could be right i guess.

    p.s. – i’m taking my first trip to san fran next week. eatery suggestions / must sees?

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