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Simple Edamame Toast


For lunch… let’s be real… it’s not always fancy salad and irresistible pretzel dogs.

Usually, at the lunch hour, I open the fridge and pile whatever I’ve got onto a few pieces of bread.  There’s usually salt and olive oil involved. I believe that those are ingredients that belong on damn near everything.

Remember when I made this simple lunch?

Yea… more things on bread with salt and olive oil.

dinner and dessert

Dinner and dessert are a different story.  Something warm and tender is awesome for dinner.  Chocolate is dessert… even if it has black beans in it.


Please just consider this your reminder to keep it simple and flavorful.

Lunch shouldn’t be a stresser.  Lunch, however, should have balsamic reduction on it… whenever possible.

Goat Cheese and Edamame Lunch Toasts

Slice a baguette into bite-sized slices.  Top generously with soft goat cheese, steamed edamame, olive oil, coarse salt and coarse pepper, and a few drippings of balsamic reduction.

It’s lunch and lunch is good.