Hello, New Orleans!


new orleans

Some cities are just filled with magic.  London has magic.  St.Louis has spooky magic.  I think my Venice home has a good amount of sparkle magic.  But New Orleans… New Orleans is aalll magic.

I was lucky enough to visit this special city last week.  Because it was my first visit to New Orleans, I.. a) melted in the humidity.  b) was horrified by my frizzy hair.  c) drank daiquiris in the streets.  d) ate beignets several… SEVERAL times.

Want a peek?  Here we go!

new orleans

In every new city visit, it’s really nice to start with a map.

Two big streets and a curve in the grid.

new orleans

Evening hours in the French Quarter.

Horse heads everywhere.

new orleans

Evening hours outside of Saint Louis Cathedral.

Dark and romantic.

new orleans

Evening hours inside this smokey, candlelit bar.

There was piano music, people huddled in conversation, and a really smelly drunk dude that danced me into a corner.

Tell me you’ve been danced into a corner… that’s real.

new orleans

Ham, butter, and brie on a baguette is one  of the best lunches EVER.  Thank you St. James Cheese Company!

Louisiana beer is also as fine as could be.  I’ve come to appreciate the wonders of the Strawberry Abita.

new orleans

There’s a salad in that Bloody Mary… and I’m totally drinking this pineapple daquiri in the street!

It’s like a party everyday!

new orleans

Any menu that serves Champagne and Fries is a menu I want to be reading.

I mean… come on!

new orleans

Late night beignets at Cafe du Monde.

Yes… these were the second round of beignets I had eaten on this day.

Yes.. I ate a whole order myself.

Sometimes I have trouble sharing.

new orleans

I spent a day at Jazzfest!

Crawfish bread.  Cold beer.  Gospel tent. And Ne-yo singing R&B Jamzzzzz!

new orleans

Is this magic JR and the Inside Out Project!?

I think it is!

new orleans

Look how rad humanity looks!

new orleans

We ate big trays of crawfish!

It was awesome… but I’m still not sure how I feel about this.

new orleans

Back to the beignets… clearly.

I was on a strict beignet diet.

new orleans

In New Orleans I got to meet my oldest blog friend, Evan!

Evan and I have been chatting for the past four years.  She knows about various boy and cake disasters.  It was so nice to meet her and squeeze her pregnant belly.  Love!

new orleans

The cemeteries in New Orleans.  So old and worn.

This particular cemetery had damaged headstones.  These piled up pieces feel beautiful and unfortunate.

new orleans

The cemeteries are beautiful… and also put just a tinge of fear in my heart.  I don’t know what that is…

New Orleans is magic.  The food.  The sites.  The people.  The energy… you can feel it in the air.

Pro tips:

There is no need to lift your top for beads… you can get those anywhere.  They’re even hanging from trees… no joke.

Order more beignets than you think you’ll need… because you’ll need them.

Stand in line for fried chicken at Coop’s Place.

Don’t share your crawfish bread at Jazzfest.

Thank the people that make New Orleans magic.

111 thoughts on “Hello, New Orleans!

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    Thank you !

  2. This is my first visit to your blog and this post was so much fun to read. I’ve been to NOLA 4x and love all the color and interest of the area. Some pretty good food too. If you get back there be sure to get to Butcher/Couchon for the best Cubano sandwich ever! Visit my blog–I paint NO pictures a lot. Thanks for sharing about your visit there.

  3. I’m so sad that you were there and I didn’t know about it. I would have hunted you down like Paparazzi :) So glad you loved our city. Please come back again soon!

  4. I always, ALWAYS describe NOLA as magical. It is truly a magnificent place, and I’ve made it my mission to go every year. I’ve been 5 times for the past 5 years and there’s no stopping me! Glad you loved it as much as I do…how could you not?!

  5. Hi, Joy! I live in NOLA and sooo wish that I would have run into you at Jazz Fest! I think I just missed you at Lafitte’s and Coop’s Place. My friends and I were drinking our way through the Quarter and ended up on a balcony across from Coop’s and couldn’t believe the line. I’m so glad that you had a great time. Love all your pictures!

  6. I fell in love with New Orleans (minus the horrible, horrible humidity) when I first visited. But that was for a conference, so I didn’t get to spend nearly enough time exploring. I can’t wait to go back. Unfortunately, the hot hot heat is acting as a deterrent for my friends and family. Californians are wimpy about weather, I tell ya.

    But I will get back to New Orleans, I swear it. Maybe in December.

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