Beyond the Kitchen

Here I Come!


I’m packing up the iPad and iced coffee, and I’m hitting the road!

I’m going to be out in the world this summer and I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to meet you!  Here’s where I’ll be… if you’re there too, let’s hug it out.

Sunset Magazine Celebration Weekend, Menlo Park, CA:  Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

I’ll be performing a whole brunch demonstration!  There will be biscuits.  Aaannd that’s this coming weekend!

BlogHer Food Convention, Seattle, WA: June 8th thru June 10th, 2012.  

I’ll be speaking on Kitchen Mishaps on Saturday afternoon… and I’ll be loitering with Shutterbean throughout the weekend.

Book Signing at Book People, Austin, TX: Tuesday, June 19th, 2012. 7pm.

It’s a run and gun book signing!  I’ll be in Texas on the fly and I’d so love to meet you!  Please come out and get your books signed!

Teahouse Studio Food Styling Class, Berkeley, CA: July 21st, 2012.  

Shutterbean and I are teaching a super approachable food styling class.  Real life, real talk, fancy food pictures.  Come learn from us!

Big Summer Potluck, Carversville, PA: July 27 thru July 29th, 2012. 

I’m super excited to speak at this conference hosted by Three Many Cooks.  I’ll be speaking about how to be bonkers, obsessive, and sweet-toothed… and how to make it work, for real.  Totes profesh.

I know… I know… I wish I cold be everywhere.  Rest assured that I’ll pop up a few more places throughout the summer and fall, and wherever I am, I REALLY want to meet you and compliment your hair.

I can also be found, with great regularity, at Whole Foods, Venice, CA… and Intelligentsia Coffee.  I’ll probably have sunglasses on and really crazy hair.  Be warned.

As always, you can find/stalk me on Twitter and Facebook, and you can stay on top of all the madness by listening to the Joy the Baker Podcast on the reg.

I love you, I do.

(photo credit: Michael Friedman)