How to Make: Summer City Shoes


summer city shoes

Glitter is not food. Well… Unless it’s in sprinkle form. Sprinkles are totally food.

Gold glitter belongs on shoes. Golds sprinkles, on cupcakes.

Today I’d like to explore the value of glitter.

It’s shoes! Let’s make our own fancy, totally cheap, totally cute summer shoes.

Theres gold, and sparkle. There’s heart shapes… And we didn’t even have to spend too much money at Steve Madden to make it happen.

summer city shoes

Glitter makes most days better.

Especially when it gets in your hair. You’re an accidental pretty pretty princess.

Start with coarse glitter. Two colors if you want to get/stay sassy.

summer city shoes

Mod Podge is the magic ingredient here. It’s basically a pourable, brushable glue.

I always pronounce it modge podge. That’s my weirdness.

I chose a matte Mod, but glossy is lovely too. The glitter will shine through either way.

summer city shoes

Grab your sneaks!

These are plain white canvas tennis shoes. Super simple.

These should be cheap. Let them be cheap.

Remove the laces before you get down with the glitter.

summer city shoes

Go digging for your duct tape. Mine happens to be green… I don’t know why.

We need duct tape to tape off the rubber side soles of the shoe. Don’t skip this step. We need a safe tape buffer while we’re glitter painting.

summer city shoes

Next we’ll need a little mixing pot for glitter and glue, and two paint brushes.

We can use cheapy brushes. We’re just putting glitter and glue on them.

summer city shoes

Let’s talk in baking terms.

I mixed about 3/4 cup Mod Podge with 1/2 cup gold glitter. The mixture should be thick, but still glue-y enough to adhere to the shoe easily. It’s a delicate balance that I trust you can find on you’re on through trial and error.

Coat shoes in one thin layer of gold Mod Podge mixture. Allow shoes to dry for about 20 minutes before coating in a second later.

Real talk: the first layer I went light on. The second layer I really packed it on. And the third layer was nothing but a few touch-ups.

Allow shoes to dry completely before removing tape and lacing. These shoes are also super cute without lace strings.

summer city shoes

Look at that!

With just glitter and glue, you made the cutest shoes of all!

Happy summer living.  Let’s make it epic and full of glitter. These days are precious indeed!

Inspired by HonestlyWTF.big ya don’t know… now ya know.

112 thoughts on “How to Make: Summer City Shoes

  1. These are adorable, Joy! But, do you have any loose glitter that comes off or does it cling to the shoe pretty well? I hate getting glitter on me.

  2. Oh Joy, only you would make using glitter acceptable. I hate it around especially when it gets in my eye. But, these shoesies are too cute with them fancy glitter on…

  3. Wow, you want to know something really sad?? I never realized it was “Mod” Podge until you mentioned it. I’ve always thought it was Modge Podge, even on the label.
    Cute shoe idea.

  4. I really, really, REALLY didn’t realize it was anything BUT “Modge Podge” until now…to the point that I’d never even read the bottle to see that it clearly says “Mod Podge.” Whatevs, it’ll be Modge Podge foreva to me!

    Also, these are freaking adorable. Making!

  5. Modge Podge – I was so certain that’s what it was called. I had an “a-ha” moment when I looked up at the picture here to realize that I (and everyone I know including all my k-8 teachers) had made up a new name for it all these years

    Love the shoes!


    Two questions. 1) do you find that the glitter finish cracks across the front where your toes flex? 2) do you think it would work with fine glitter as well as it did with coarse glitter?

  7. The “ge” in Mod(ge) Podge is just written in white letters. You’ve been saying it right, don’t worry :)

  8. Um, totally thought it was modge podge … until now. Thank you for setting me straight.

    Also, I have a pair of shoes pretty much like this, only I bought them that way and they’re silver and I wore them for my wedding shoes.

    I was a pretty pretty princess on purpose. ha ha.

  9. Oh Joy. You are magical.

    If I attempted this, I would look like I put glue and glitter on my shoes.

    In a bad way.

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