Strawberry Ice



So here’s the thing…. I made ice.

Actually, my freezer made ice.  I put strawberries and water in an ice cube tray.

Not everything is yeasted, risen, covered in cinnamon, or battered and fried.  Sometimes we need something as simple as… ice.

If you’re still with me, just imagine all of the possible combinations!  Blueberry lime ice.  Strawberry mint ice.  Pineapple ice. Lemon raspberry ice.  Cocktail enhancers!

lemonade cat

Consider the real-life application of Strawberry Ice:  in lemonade (with or without vodka).

Any real-life application in my house usually involves my cat.

You might also consider Strawberry Cream Puffs aaaand Strawberry Upside Down Cake with Cardamom.


This is beyond easy.

Start with your fruit.


Smash it and mash it.  Place it in the ice cube slots.

Pour water over and toss it in the freezer.


Top frozen cubes with lemonade… or really any beverage that you want to turn strawberry-y.

You know that scene in Bridesmaids when Kristen Wiig is going to the Parisian wedding shower, with the giant cookie, and she’s super pissed at how amazing the Strawberry Lemonade is?  This is that.  Exactly.

Oh… and if you haven’t yet seen Bridesmaids… that was a major spoiler.  Kidding.

It seems really silly to put a recipe below… but I’m going to, because that’s what I do here.  Don’t hate.  Appreciate.

Strawberry Ice

makes 12 cubes

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3 large strawberries, mashed and chopped


ice cube tray

Place a combination of mashed and chopped strawberries in each ice cube slot.  Pour enough filtered water to fill the tray.  Freeze until frozen through and serve with cocktails and lemonade.  

109 thoughts on “Strawberry Ice

  1. Oh my! I just realised that my kitten (okay, she’s more like a teenage cat) is probably going to look exactly like your cat when she’s older! CUTE!
    This recipe is SUCH a great idea, can’t wait for strawberries to come back into season in NZ!

  2. About to do this right this moment, with the addition of some pineapple and blackberries (I’ve got them on hand and reaaaally need to use them up). Will be added to the Crystal Lite my boyfriend seems to be addicted to. I have a sweet heart-shaped ice cube tray they’ll be going into :)

  3. I love this idea… but why corrupt the strawberries with ice? I’ve always felt that drinks and fruit should not be watered down. I keep a stash of frozen whole strawberry cicles in the fridge. Ie, I am using whole strawberry’s as ice cubes, yes I am.

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  5. This summer I want to make new drinks and cocktails and sip them reading a book with a big hat, at the shadow of an oak tree. Strawberry Ice Cubes are perfect :-)

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