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Summer Love

June 6, 2012

summer love

Are you ready for a summer love?

Let’s get our feet in the grass, our shoulders in the sun, our laughter in the air.  There is no time like the present!  It’s time to SHINE!

I’m armed with a loose knit summer sweater, a color-pop swim suit, some bonkers lipstick, and a handful of beautiful summer recipes (like these Lemon Raspberry Breakfast Rolls).  Let’s make this summer living look effortlessly beautiful… even though I totally just spent an entire 7 minutes and 45 seconds putting on lipstick.  No bigs.  Let a lady live.


I dream of this view at Christmas time.  I really do.

This living is good living, indeed.


summer love

Cold Avocado Soup garnished heavily with sweet corn, crispy bacon, and spicy peppers.

Treat yo-self.

summer love

Call it breakfast.  Call it dinner.  Call it everything that was ever delicious about dessert!

Strawberry Pineapple Crumble.  So easy.  So bright and full of summer!  Potluck dessert: solved.

summer love

Quit it.  Just stop right there.

If the mere mention of a Chocolate Malt doesn’t make your mouth water, we might have a problem.

I added extra malt and a burnt banana.  Proper.

summer love

Perhaps you and your friends are going to have a popularity contest this summer.  Who can make the best summer playlist?  Who has got the best cannonball?   Who can stand the longest on hot pavement?  Who has got the most stellar hot dog preparation?  YOU!! You’ve got the hot dog situation in the bag with these Pretzel Dogs.  On the real.  These puppies are magic!

Happy Summer.  Put some love all up in it!

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