Beyond the Kitchen

Sixteen Things To Do When You’re Bored

to do if you're bored

Watch as Stevie Nicks is more awesome than us all in this 1981 demo of Wild Heart.  Gah!  Sing my life why don’t you!? SING!

Read this smart writing on blogging by Helen Jane.

Listen to a Podcast.  I have one you might like.  It’s called the Joy the Baker Podcast with my friend Tracy from Shutterbean.  It’s not a big deal… but it kinda is.

Put a bunch of weird stuff on Etsy.  I’m smitten with this print.

Thought Catalog.  Get obsessed.  It’s full of thoughtful articles like this one:  I’m Sick of Summer.  The thoughts and opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily express the true feelings of the linker.

to do if you're bored

How about a henna tattoo?

Separate M&Ms by color and plow through… well, eat them all.

Tromp around the house speaking like Julia Child for an hour. It’s like the weirdest ab workout ever.  It’s cool.  No one is watching.

to do if you're bored

Take pictures of your grumpy cat and then surround that picture in little colored hearts using the Picfx app.


Go steal a stuffed grape leaf from the Whole Foods salad bar.  Not that I’ve ever done this… I’ve just heard from people that it’s delicious (despite being illegal).

to do if you're bored

Put something in the oven.  Next week:  Roasted Plums.

Google image search cellphone pictures of Natalie Portman’s wedding… or whatever.  I mean, it’s not like I’ve done that or anything.

Flip through a copy of the new issue of Got a Girl Crush.  It’s an awesome look at awesome ladies (just like us!).  It’s inspired and divine (just like us!).  It’s beautifully put together (just like us!). ps.  if you don’t want to splurge for a hard copy, you can flip through a free pdf.

to do if you're bored

Make a dance video for your best friend.  Yes, that’s me.  No there’s no link to the video.  I’m not ready for that sort of exposure just yet.  Too soon.

Lather.  Rinse.  Repeat with the Stevie Nicks…. because we’re OBSESSED.