Chewy Cat Treats for Cats


Dear Kitten,

It’s time to celebrate two years together.

Two years of purring and tenderness.  Two years of crying for food at five in the morning.  Two years of  sleeping in what you know is my spot on the couch.  Two years of lint rolling all of my clothes.  Two years of also keeping a lint roller in my car.

Two years of tricking my friends with your cuteness and leg rubs.  Two years of attacking my shins.  Two years of belly rubs turned forearm attacks.  Two years of trying to get outside.  Two years of climbing the walls… literally.  Two years of sneaking into my food shots.

Two years of sitting in and on everything I need.  Two years of sleeping at the foot of my bed… and attacking my feet at the slightest sign of movement.  Two years of keeping me company.  Two years of scaring my catsitters.  Two years of making me laugh.  Two years of making my boyfriends run screaming.  Two years of eating exactly everything I make… including that pancake you snuck off the pan while I was photographing.

Two years of trying to convince me that you don’t love me… when I know you do… because I love you back.  And I made you treats so quit your yappin’, and no you can’t go outside.


ps.  We’ll always have Cat Land.


I made cat treats.  Admittedly this is slightly ridiculous.

Yes, I realize that I can easily pop into any grocery and buy the kitten a package of treats without making my house smell like weird, warm, wet cat food.

Aaahhh, the things we do for love: make cat treats.

Aaahhh, the things we do because we’re ridiculous: watch the entire season of Bachelor Pad 3 with rapt attention.  (Cry for help!)


I let the little guy (he’s totally not little, but he hates when I call him big-boned) get some sniffs and licks in.  Happy Birthday, Kitten.  I’m teaching you bad habits.


He was so sweet and tender as a youth.

I always knew he’d grow into his nose.


I didn’t know that he’d lose all sense of decency.

Can you teach a cat manners?  Seriously.


I let him lick the cat treat dough bowl . Just this once… and just to see if he’d like it.

He did… but he would have licked the bowl if it had mushrooms and onions in it too.  He’s a go-getter.

Note:  Cats aren’t supposed to eat onions (or garlic).  I know this.  Don’t yell at me cat evangelists.


He used to sleep in bowls of the punch variety.

I always thought it was cute.

birthday cat

And then he got really big.

… which kinda makes me feel like I let a bengal tiger live in my house.  (Unwise).

birthday cat

Kitten knows that this is my spot on the couch.  He knows darn well…

(He doesn’t care.)

birthday cat

He really likes when the mail lady comes.  If he could bark, I’m sure he would.

birthday cat

Your cat sleeps like this too, right?

Tell me this is normal.

birthday cat

All things considered (and I have considered all things), he’s a good helper… or at least consistent, and fluffy.

birthday cat

He let me get him a humiliating haircut… because he has the self-confidence to rock it.

birthday cat

Extreme closeup involving tiny tiny teeth.


It’s because of the tiny teeth, the shaved belly, and the constant companionship that I made these chewy cat treats.


I need to be clear.  My cat eats absolutely everything.  If I roasted an eggplant, this kitten would be all over it.  He sneaks onto the counter to steal waffles, red peppers, and scallions.  I have to keep the avocados away from him .  For this reason… it’s hard for me to say with full certainty that these are the cat treats for your cat.  Is your cat a normal finicky cat? Yea… it’s hard to say how these might go down.  You might consider the addition of such treats as catnip or extra wet cat food in the dough.  Cats have a very protein-centric diet.  These treats are just meant to be a small addition to their diet, and not meant to replace their normal diets in any way.  Cool?

Happy Birthday, Kitten!

Chewy Cat Treats for Cats

makes about 50 small treats

Print this Recipe!

1 large egg

1 4-oz jar chicken and brown rice baby food (or something meaty which may include canned wet cat food)

1/4 cup parsley, coarsely chopped

2 teaspoons olive oil

2 tablespoons water

1 cup brown rice flour

1/2 cup cooked white (or brown) rice

other things you might add other treats like : 1 tablespoon of catnip or a hearty tablespoon of extra wet cat food.

Place a rack in the middle of the oven and preheat oven to 325 degrees F.  Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.

In a medium bowl, whisk together egg, baby food (or wet cat food), parsley, olive oil,  and water.  Add brown rice flour and cooked rice.  Stir to incorporate.  The mixture will be thick but spreadable.

Spread mixture onto prepared baking sheet creating a rectangle that is about 1/3 of an inch thick.  Bake for 12 to 15 minutes.

Remove from the oven.  Let rest until cool enough to handle, then slice soft dough into bite-sized pieces.  Return pieces to the oven to bake for another 8 minutes.  Remove from the oven.  Allow to cool completely.  Store in an airtight container in the fridge.  I store my treats in the fridge just to be safe.  

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299 thoughts on “Chewy Cat Treats for Cats

  1. I knew I liked you.

    I’ve been meaning to attempt to make some homemade treats for our problem child, Sgt. Pepper. He’s been on a homemade diet (you think making cat treats is ridiculous, try cooking your cat fancy lamb dinner every night while you feast on rice and beans). Due to allergies he can’t have store bought treats like our other two. Perhaps I’ll see if I can adapt this to fit his special needs. :)

      1. It’s a lovely puree of ground lamb, canned sweet potato, and green peas. We add some other supplements to it so it’s nutritionally complete (was formulated for us by a veterinary nutritionist = $$$). Oh the things we do for our pets. :)

        BTW – Your comments aren’t showing up entirely. It’s like they are paginated, but there are no visible links to view the other pages. I had to be sneaky to see this and see your response! Just FYI. ;)

  2. I know I’ve said it a hundred times but he is so cute! Your cat seems to have such a fun personality. I love your recap of your two years together. So sweet (and familiar sounding)! And that photo of him sleeping on his back? KILLS ME! <3

    Is he a bad kitty when you are gone? I'm a pet sitter and know how some cats can be (growly and mean or they'll just hide) when their parents are gone. It's sad cuz all I want to do is give them love! :)

  3. Joy, this is ridiculous and absolutely GENIUS!!! I love you and everything you do. My cats are going to love these little homemade treats. I bet these would make great dog treats, too! I’ll have to do both now!

  4. Such a relate-able post! I have two Maine Coon brothers myself, and I laughed at all the familiar observations (although mine prefer sleeping in the bathroom sinks).

  5. My kitty likes to stretch out on her back to sleep as well, except she isn’t as fluffy as your kitty…which totally adds an extra cuteness factor! Yay for kitty lovers! ;-)

  6. Your pictures are wonderful. Cats do sleep in odd positions. My cat eats broccoli and potato chips but your cat is amazing.

  7. Mama pajama, has it been two years already? Didn’t you just get him, like, yesterday? Crazyness.

    Also, yes, cats have no sense of decorum. When it’s hot outside, our longhair flaunts his nonexistent bits for all and sundry to see. He doesn’t sleep with his front legs out, but I’m sure he would if it occurred to him.

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