Beyond the Kitchen

Coming Soon From Me to You

riley apple farm by lani trock

Hey, Hi and Howdy Friends!

There are all sorts of things going on behind the computer screen here at Joy the Baker Headquarters.  (Joy the Baker Headquarters in my crazy-messy desk, my tiny kitchen, and the crazy-messy trunk of my car.)  I wanted to give you a little preview and share some pretty pictures with you.

Also, I’m headed to the east coast this November and December and I would love love love to see you!


I want to tell you about my apple picking extravaganza with Lani.  I also made an apple cake and I ate too much.

Typical Thursday.

(top photo by lani trock)


I want to tell you about the afternoon I spent making a tremendously delicious mess in the kitchen with a blogging hero-legend…


Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere!  We drank Bloody Marys and ate too many cinnamon rolls and it was everything ever.


I’m working on videos too!  They’re mostly video tutorials about how to point during sunset.  Not really… we’ve already got the sunset pointing down as evidenced my this screen-capture gem.

When I say ‘I’m working on videos’, I really mean me and a whole team of people who make things look pretty and sound good.  It takes a village.

gluten-free strawberry ginger pie!

I’m heading to the east coast again and I would LOVE to hang out with you.

Vermont:  I’m teaching a pie baking class and signing books at King Arthur Flour on November 10th!

Boston:  Snow time in New England!  I’ll be signing book at Eat Boutique Holiday Market on December 9th.  I’m SO excited.  I hope we can hang out and do all the things that people do in Boston.  Does this have anything to do with parking cars in Harvard yards?  I’m a west coast girl… I don’t know.

I’ll be back east again soon.  I really want to come see you in Washington DC and North Carolina.  I hope you’ll have me!

Happy Friday my friends!