Happy November Finds


I think this feeling that I have can best be described as a post-Halloween hangover.  It’s not a beer or bourbon hangover.  It’s more of a gold legging and cat ear hangover.  Suddenly my everyday wardrobe seems entirely ho-hum hum-drum.  My logical brain tells me to hush-right-up.  My awesome brain tells me to shopshopshop shop SHOP!

If you have these feelings… I want to offer you some advice.  Do not go to Target.  You’re in danger of spending $324.56 and running home to make and eat these homemade Cheese Crackers in a fit of buyer’s remorse.

Because I’m always trying to be better and because I’m always trying to eat less crackers, I’ve come up with a solution:  awesome drugstore finds!  I’ve found some good ones and I feel like these little gems are going to spruce up my Autumn/Holiday season.


Maybelliene Color Show nail colors are my new favorites.  They come in really great colors and are cheap enough to splurge on five at a time.  Let’s be real… if I’m spending $8 a bottle (I’m looking at you… Essie), I’m not going to buy more than one or two colors.  The thing about Maybelliene Color Show is this:  the bottles need a good shake,  and you’ll need a two or three coats for great color.  A good base and top coat also go a long way with these nail colors.

Believe it or not, I put all of these colors on one hand.  One finger for each bold color.  I’m embracing my inner Punky Brewster.

These are drug store finds, but you can browse colors here.

The colors above are: shocking seas, impeccable greys, paint the town, fuchsia fever, and tenacious teal.

Oh… I should tell you that no company is paying me to say these or the following things.  


Some weekends I have to run out of the house very soon after waking up.  Pre-coffee. Pre-orange juice. No one has made me an omelette.  Actually… no one ever makes me an omelette.  The point is, I have to run out of the house with major sleep-face.  The only solution:  sunglasses and bright lipstick.  It’s a classic cover-and-divert maneuver.

Drugstore lipsticks are 100% overwhelming.  There are waaaay too many options and they’re impossible or too gross to try on.  My new go-to are these awesome colors from Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate.  Yes, Kate Moss made us lipstick.  They’re a long-wear lipstick but they totally don’t feel thick and dry.  These colors go on smooth and have a hint of a matte finish.  They’re surprisingly great!  The bright red shade is 01 and the nude is 14.  I’m obsessed with this deep purple color, but it’s a hard one to find in stores.


Every few weeks I gather a new pile of books for inspiration.  This is a goooood pile.

The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook is finally here, and Deb has really delivered!  The recipes are everything you’d want them to be:  simple, creative, thorough, well-done home cooking.  Every page inspires me.  She has a recipe for popped popcorn in cookies… IN COOKIES!  I can’t even deal.  I love your culinary brain, Deb!

Keys to the Kitchen is a gorgeous book by Aida Mollenkamp.  This book blows me away.  It’s feels creative and fresh and totally exhaustive.  The pictures are gorgeous.  There are bits about technique that are super approachable.  Food is really celebrated.  It’s really great book!  I can’t wait to show you a few recipes from this book!

Have I told you about the Mile End Cookbook yet?  Think: ultimate jewish comfort food meets amazing photography and great design.  In this book is a recipe for Concord Grape Jelly that I’m obsessed with.  Leave it to me to be obsessed with… jelly.

I’ve also brought out two bookshelf classics:  Food Styling (because I’m always trying to learn new things and be better) and Martha’s Entertaining (because the holidays are coming and I want to try, like I try every year, not to make a fool of myself).

On my iPad I’m currently  sooooo smitten by The Paris Wife, a novel from the perspective of Ernest Hemingway’s first wife.  I never want this book to end, but I suspect, at some point, it will.

71 thoughts on “Happy November Finds

  1. Love new cook books. Speaking of which, congrats on your nomination for a Good Reads Choice Award. I just read about it on the Food In Jars blog. Best of luck to you.

  2. Drugstore finds are some of my favourite finds. And I love all the colours you picked out. All the cookbooks sound amazing, which means I might have to buy one or two for my mother/sister because, unfortunately, I don’t have travelling space for them. :( One day!

  3. cookbooks and drugstore finds- two of my weaknesses. I’m not so bad now but when I was a friendless-newbie living by myself in NYC, there was a 24 hour duane reade at the end of my block. I used to go in there about once a month, at 2:30 in the morning after getting off from my restaurant job and binge buy just about one thing from every aisle. I always say the first friend I made out there was duane…even after he took what little spending cash I made!

  4. i’m a HUGE hemingway fan and will definitely be adding this book to my holiday reading list—so glad you mentioned it. and i can’t wait to check out the smitten kitchen cookbook….just prepped your chai-spiced rolls today to bake tomorrow morning, they smell delicious already!

  5. I wear #11 of the Kate lipstick. I’m so in love with it and get a million compliments whenever I have it on. Rimmel London truly has the best drugstore lipstick around!

  6. I love the nail polish info and the cookbooks, I am so excited for Deb’s book, too!

    Ok as I am trying to type this comment there is this huge SAY ad that keeps coming up but I digress. I keep having to X-it off.

    Anyway though…Delores’ book on Food Styling. I got it a couple years ago and it’s a good one. I do love Helene’s book though and Matt’s new one! And I’m sure Todd & Diane’s will be great when it’s out. I love learning all I can, too.

  7. drugstores! lately i’ve been trying on old lipsticks of my mother’s…today was a bright, bright pink that i think is going in the keep box. also, pale blue nail polish! that’s a yes!

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