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December 2012

Beyond the Kitchen

The Best of 2012

 This year goes down in my personal history book as 100% major.  It’s been one of those years where I feel blessed far beyond what I even knew to ask for.  It’s been filled with gracious opportunity and a lot…

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Beyond the Kitchen

Shine Bright

If you’re anything like me, you can’t handle another Peppermint Bark Recipe or Holiday Wreath DIY.  I can’t deal.  It’s not that I’m bah-humbuggy.  Not at all.  I’m totally into these happy winter holidays.  It’s just that everything feels like…

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Dinner Party Offerings

I have real-life dinner party compulsions:  I always say something awkward within seven minutes of arriving, I always offer to help with the dishes, and I never come empty-handed.  I believe that every offering brought to a dinner party has…

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