Let It Be The Weekend

let it be the weekend

I didn’t want to have to be the one to tell you this, but March has almost come to a close.  You know what’s next?  We’re going to steamroll through April, freak out through May, scream through summer, then Christmas music starts.

It’s scary.  Time is an unstoppable beast… unless you’re sleeping (but even then).

I think we should make time work for us this weekend.  I think we should try to stretch every hour and every minute to its deepest point of relaxation.  A time massage?  Is that possible?

Maybe it’s a good weekend to get nice and cozy with a few of your favorite things… unless you’re like, a bridesmaid in your best friend’s wedding… in which case, NO COZY FOR YOU!

Here are some of my favorite weekend cozy essentials.  Maybe some of these elements will inspire you to make some hot coffee, pull out the pretty stationary, flip through a new but forgotten cookbook, and just maybe… take a few moments to daydream.  Also… there better be brunch.  On the real, on the reg.

I’m revisiting The Dahlia Bakery Cookbook.  It’s from famed Seattle restaurant dude, Tom Douglas.  There’s a recipe for Hot Buttered Rum Apple Pie that has my name aaaallll over it.

I’m so smitten by this stationery from Minted.  It feels so special to write notes on personalized stationary.  I love this watercolor look.  And this sweet monogrammed situation makes me feel fancy.

Also… am I the only dork that’s totally into stamping their handwritten letters with monogrammed wax!?  Lettered stamps and sealing wax make letter writing sooo worth it!

Sometimes I receive gifts that I deem ‘too good to use’.  Take this pretty turquoise journal.  It’s leather-bound and utterly lovely.  I’ve got it in my brain that no words I put together are good enough for its pages.  That’s ridiculous.  I’m taking pen to paper this weekend!

Have you read the book One Hundred Demons?  If you’re a thinking and feeling woman in the world, I think you should read it.  It’s a cartoon narrative (yea, I said that) about love and growth, awkward times and forgiveness.  Lynda Barry lays it all out there.

Have some strawberries this weekend!  In California they’re starting to get good.

Speaking of strawberries.  I’m testing recipes for the second Joy the Baker Cookbook (it’s happening), and I’m going to nail a recipe for Strawberry Mascarpone Ice Cream if it kills me (which it probably won’t).

Lastly, let there be brunch.  This Creme Fraiche Quiche was, and continues to be, THE BUSINESS!

I love you most sincerely.  Enjoy your weekend time!

xo joy

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73 thoughts on “Let It Be The Weekend

  1. I AM A BRIDESMAID IN MY SISTERS WEDDING!!!! arrrghhhhhhhh. Im just starting to deal with this fact. The wedding is in June which I think means I still have time to have a cosy weekend before all the wedding-y stuff starts? time is definitely moving fast. just need to chill and relax. breathe breathe breathe….maybe making Joy the BAker cake will help :)

  2. I’m away for work, waiting on the weather to know if we’re going out today or waiting another day.. somewhere in there I’ll be taking your advice and taking some time for me, even if it just means doing some yoga in the hotel room!
    I used to have sealing wax and a seal like that, I’d love to find it! Does it cost extra to send mail with the wax on it (from the increased weight?)
    Enjoy your weekend time!

  3. oh so you have something of a stationary fetish too?! only last weekend i had a clear out, unearthing all manner of beautiful journals and papers that were ‘too pretty’ to write in! right, this weekend, i’m with you. taking pen to paper.

    PS, i used to have a similar thing with my cookbooks, which, by definition is crazy. so now, i don’t keep my cookbooks on the shelf for ‘nice keeping’; i kinda like them well used smeared with buttery pancake mix on the edges :)

  4. Time …..hmmm it drives me nuts, time to get the kids to school, me to work….I’m sure somewhere are Christmas decorations waiting for a September display….in love with your collections…..journals are my weakness ….enjoy the weekend relax, have brunch…..i was planning a yogurt granola thing for the kids on Sunday enjoy! ;)

  5. A second cookbook on the horizon!? That has made my weekend!

    Have a lovely weekend, and look forward to hearing more of this Hot Buttered Rum Apple Pie!

  6. So glad to see ‘Minted’ mentioned here — love their stationary — and they’ve branched out into wall art now. Check it out everyone!

  7. joy this post fits me to a t right now. After a week of trying to work through a cold I have finally realised i need rest. Some time being cozy is just what I need. Thank you and wishing you a lovely weekend too.
    PS about to look up one hundred demons and tomorrow i think i’ll be looking for pretty stationery (we can never have too much surely!).

  8. I agree. I cannot believe that March is coming to an end…ALREADY! It seems like just yesterday, we just entered 2013..I was making the yearly resolutions to work out more regularly, to eat healthier, and to quit caffeine. Now look at me. It has been a month since I have gone to the gym, I had a burger twice this week, and I had two expresso drinks today. Time does go by way too fast. And it just goes by faster as we get older. It is the simple little things in life that make us happy.

    The Strawberry Mascarpone sounds delicious. Good luck.

  9. You are not the only monogrammed wax-stamping one! I got into it deep in my teenage goth-y days. It’s such an elegant and romantic thing…

  10. I love that teal organizer. That is just so gorgeous!

    I’ve had my hands on the Dahlia Bakery cookbook (and in my virtual shopping cart) many times but never bought it. I need to b/c recipes keep popping up that sound sooo good from it!

    1. You call it everytime Joy. Am so going to be joining you brunch-ing it up and getting stuck into some old time-y pursuits.

      Have a great weekend… and don’t let the mascarpone drag you down. You will nail that ice cream (and I’ll be looking forward to making it next summer!)

      x Elena @ randomly happy

    2. You call it everytime Joy. Am so going to be joining you brunch-ing it up and getting stuck into some old time-y pursuits.

      Have a great weekend… and don’t let the mascarpone drag you down. You will nail that ice cream (and I’ll be looking forward to making it next summer!)

      x Elena @ randomly happy

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