On Toast: Bagel


on toast: bagel

I’m not the sort of adult who can be left alone in a house with bagels.  It’s only a (short) matter of time before the bagels are drenched in an embarrassing amount of cream cheese and pickled jalapenos and I’m writhing on the floor in… shame(?).

Actually, while we’re here being honest, it would be best to clear out all traces of pink wine and cookie dough along with the bagels.  I really can’t be trusted.

This week we’re exploring toast.  Toast of all kinds, though mostly we’re just  browning bread and topping it with goodies.  Talking about toast is a good reminder.  It’s a good time to think about what makes us happy in the kitchen… happiness translated as melty, crunchy, and entirely uncomplicated.

on toast: bagel

Select your bagels.  The squeeze test is essential.  Don’t feel like a weirdo.  The softer the better. Squeeze those suckers!

I like Sesame or Everything Bagels.  They test the bonds of friendship.  A good friend won’t let you continue your overly excited conversation about the television show Catfish with poppy seeds stuck in your teeth.  A bad friend will.

on toast: bagel

The Butter and Jam Bagel.  Pretend like you’ve ordered room service and just go for it!  Take out the white napkins, pretend the mostly empty jar of jam is just one of those mini jam jars, and eat this bagel in your bed (that a maid is probably not going to make) (because you’re at home) (and we’re grown enough to make our own beds).

on toast: bagel

One reason to eat raw onions in the morning:  Bagels and Smoked Salmon with heaps of cream cheese.  I like the bagel almost burnt, with extra capers.  If you want to add smashed avocado instead of (or in addition to) cream cheese, I hold you dear in my heart.

on toast: bagel

Oh yea… I’ll make pizza out of anything and everything.  Don’t even think of handing me a tortilla, I’ll turn it into a Pizza Quesadilla.  This Bagel Pizza is topped with tomato sauce, spicy sausage and a mucho amount of cheese for melting.  Your six-year-old-self will rejoice.

on toast: bagel

Are you the person that always takes the last jalapeno and cheese bagel from the free bagel tray?  Is that you?  Well I have two things to say to you.  a) You have most excellent taste in bagels.  b) Fine then… I’ll make my own Jalapeno and Cheese Bagel and it will be glorious, every bite.

Jalapeno Cheese Bagels are a ‘don’t hate the player, hate the game’ situation.  If you can’t get one while the gettin’ is good, it’s best to make your own… extra jalapenos.

On Toast: Bagel

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Melted Cheese and Pickled Jalapeno

Slice a bagel in half and scoop some of the inside bread out of each bagel half.  Add a bit of grated cheddar cheese.  Add as many pickled jalapenos as you’d like.  Top with more cheddar cheese.  Heat under a broiler until melted and bubbly.

Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, Sliced Onion, and Capers

Slice a bagel in half.  Spread generously with cream cheese.  Top with smoked salmon slices, thinly sliced onion, and capers.

Salted Butter and Jam

Slice a bagel in half and toast until golden brown.  Spread each bagel with butter and jam.

Pizza Bagel with Spicy Sausage, Melted Cheese and Arugula

Slice a bagel in half and scoop some of the inside bread out of each bagel half.  Top with pizza sauce.  Add cooked sausage or pepperoni.  Top with mozzarella cheese.  Heat under a broiler until melted and bubbly. Add fresh arugula just before serving.

94 thoughts on “On Toast: Bagel

  1. Ha, fun post! My absolute favourite bagel is a toasted cinnamon raising bagel with peanut butter and cherry jam – I recall first eating one of those in NYC 8 years ago, and have been obsessed with it ever since!

  2. Well that settles it, joy, if i ever bump into you on a nyc street we are getting bagels! Girl you hit it straight on with the sesame and everything bagels–my absolute favorites. Until recently I was on a bagel bender, every morning i’d reach for either and slather with butter–i was immediately transferred to this magical world where i’m that supper skinny chic who can totally scarf down bagels daily and my waistline not flinch–reality struck and then i woke up. Oh how i miss these lovelies, enjoy! Note to self: you will not go back on a bagel bender after reading this post!

  3. This is the best week ever! Bagels! Toasts! All easy and full of carbs!!! If there is something that can be compared with my love for chocolate is my love for toasted bread (meaning baguettes, bagels, ciapatta… whatever!)

  4. Hi Joy,

    Did you not see that my 6 year old self was doing cartwheels and asking for a breakfast dinner…oh so yummy !!!!! My favorite bagel at the moment is everything with bagel ….I also love my very own invention of a butterfly bagel with honey….

  5. oh my gosh … pizza bagel. how did i never think of that??!! excuse me while i weep over the non-existence of bagels in the netherlands … except for 4 euros a pop =/

  6. I used to bring bagels back from NYC to London and when I got home I would have one toasted, under the grill (broiler) lightly on the outside, then flip over and put whatever English cheese I could pick up, like strong cheddar, Leicester, Wensleydale, etc. and let it melt and then add a nice chutney, like banana or onion. I would then stick the rest of the bagels in the freezer and eke them out over the next week or so. It’s actually quite hard to find good bagels in the United States outside of certain areas I have noticed. Good bagels in London are really hard to find. Supermarket ones are like a roll with a hole. You have to go the Jewish areas with bakeries. I don’t live near one unfortunately.

  7. My favorite bagel combo is a blueberry bagel with butter (optional for some people, not for me) and lemon spread/curd. The blueberry and lemon go so well together.

    I also like a plain or sesame bagel with butter and cinnamon sugar.

    And of course the bagels should be toasted for both.

  8. If only Whole Foods were open, I would be going there to buy their Everything Bagels right now. Love salmon and cream cheese on a bagel.

  9. That bagel pizza is ingenious!

    And the jalapeno + cheese… my husband’s go-to pizza is jalapeno + pineapple. It’s a spicy sweet thing (add feta and saltiness… goodness gracious).

    I might have to meld the two!

  10. Ma’am, I love your work more and more each day! Carbohydrates and salty, sweet, savoury combinations are what good times are all about (RIGHT?), and I can’t wait to eat some toast once more!

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