On Toast: Baguette


on toast: baguette

Let’s explore TOAST!!!

Toast feels all at once completely childish and utterly adult.

Toast was the first thing I learned how to make for myself in the kitchen.  Actually… false.  I first learned how to teeter on our old kitchen stool to reach for the box of Cinnamon Life cereal, dig for milk in the fridge, find the canister of brown sugar in the bottom left shelf, and slap it all together in a bowl.

Toast was the second thing I learned how to make.  Toast with cinnamon and sugar.  Toast with peanut butter and jelly.  Toast with butter and relish when I was feeling strange.  In my kid-brain of chores, allowance, homework, be-nice-to-your-sister, and no-singing-at-the-dinner-table… a piece of dry toast felt like something I could control and explore.

When I eat toast as an adult, I always think back to my kid-brain.  Toasted bread is a blank slate.  I can pile it high with sardines and lemon juice, and stand in my kitchen trying to convince my cat that I’m eating people food… not cat food.  Sure, I know how to roast a chicken, make a salad, and drink wine out of a proper glass, but sometimes it’s just nice to eat toasted bread, topped with whatever I dang please, and drink wine out of a mason jar.  I’m grown.   Thank heavens toast can be dinner.

We’re exploring toast this week.  Let’s get into this blank slate.  Let’s smash avocados, and mix our own cinnamon sugar.  There might also be Nutella and sprinkles.  It’s a week full of toast.  Get into it!

on toast: baguette

on toast: baguette

Today we’re talking about baguette toast.  I like baguettes that are gnarly-crunchy on the outside and tender and light in the center.  I cut this baguette into quarters, drizzled each piece lightly with olive oil and toasted them under the broiler.  Then… game on!

on toast: baguette

on toast: baguette

Salted Butter and Radish toast is crunchy, salty, spicy, and divine.  It’s so simple!

There’s a trick when it comes to simple toast:  quality ingredients.  When there are so few ingredients, it’s nice to use the good stuff.  Fancy salted butter and grey sea salt are some of my favorite ways to treat myself… that’s weird and true.

I also dug a bottle of Profumo del Chianti out of the spice rack for this toast.  It’s a super finely ground Italian spice and salt mixture.  It’s pretty major.

on toast: baguette

on toast: baguette

Toast with two ingredients.

Sliced Ham and Salted Butter is simple and satisfying.  Also, if you’re wondering… yes, butter is good on everything.

If you’re thinking of adding tomato slices of mustard there’s really no need.  Let this toast live in its simplicity.

on toast: baguette

on toast: baguette

Toast without butter.  Toast with garlic.

This Herb and Garlic-Rubbed Toast isn’t as in-your-face as traditional garlic bread.  It’s more refined.  Fresh garlic is sliced in half and rubbed on the toasted baguette.  Salt and pepper are added, along with freshly chopped parsley.

I’d pair this toast with a major (though classy) amount of red wine.

on toast: baguette

on toast: baguette

This is one of the divine toasts of all time.  Oooh Smashed Avocado Toast with Lemon.  This toast tastes is creamy and indulgent.  Stack and smash the avocado as high as possible.  Lemon and salt are bright essentials.  It’s California on bread.

on toast: baguette

Soften your butter and take out your fancy salt.  It’s toast time!!

xo joy

On Toast: Baguette

From Top Right, Clockwise.

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Herb and Garlic-Rubbed Toast

Drizzle  sliced baguette with olive oil and toast under a broiler.  Slice a large clove of garlic in half and rub the cut side down  across the toasted baguette.  Sprinkle with salt, fresh cracked black pepper, and fresh parsley.

Sliced Ham and Salted Butter Toast

Slather  a toasted and slightly cooled baguette with salted butter.  Top with thinnly sliced ham.

Salted Butter and Radish Toast

Slather a toasted and slightly cooled baguette with salted butter.  Top with thinnly sliced radishes and Profumo del Chianti (or coarse ground sea salt).

Smashed Avocado Toast with Lemon

Smash ripe avocado onto toasted baguette.  Drizzle with fresh lemon juice.  Sprinkle with coarse ground sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper.  

131 thoughts on “On Toast: Baguette

  1. I LOVE toast…anything hard, crispy and dry is right up my alley. :) I love the pictures….so clean and crisp (pun intended).

  2. Toast makes me think of Spain-the most available option for us breakfast eaters! Radishes and butter are inspired! Yum, yum, and yum!

  3. Toast is my life! I could live forever and ever amen eating nothing but various things on toast and be happy as a clam. The lighting in these photos is really fantastic, I’d love to know what you used – is it all natural light? Did you use a reflector? Tell me your seeeecrets…please!

  4. simple butter and radish – one of the best combinations around. I also love a salted avocado toast.

    my favorite lately is a tahini with tomato, or for a sweet version, tahini with cinnamon sugar. Mmm…

    these all look perfect!

  5. wow i love you so much.
    toast is literally my favorite thing to eat.
    i had some tonight actually with crunchy peanut butter and mini chocolate chips and ohmygoodness it was amazing.

  6. Toast is our go-to comfort/can’t be bothered to cook a grown up meal! I’m with you – trying to keep the cat at arms length from my sardines, hubby is strictly a jam man!! Gorgeous photos!

  7. If you ever come to SF, you should definitely check out The Mill. It’s my new favorite place – amazing coffee from Four Barrel and three types of toast (rye with cream cheese, whole wheat with butter and almond butter, and white bread with cinnamon sugar and butter). The slices are thick cut, the bread is made by Josey the Baker and mostly I just feel like I’m in heaven when I take a huge bite of buttery salty toast and wash it down with a perfectly bittersweet almond milk latte. I LOVE TOAST.

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