Beyond the Kitchen Fruit

Strawberry Time


So maybe I’m not the most perceptive person in the world.  I’m really bad at noticing new bangs, different sunglasses, or mismatching shoes (because you totally do that sometimes).  I don’t always notice the smokey flavor of the wine, or the huge character of the dark chocolate… I’m probably just shoving it all in my mouth too quickly.

Some people are perceptive enough to notice pretty puddles and precious fuzzy dog ears.  I’m not really that person.  Again… I’m probably shoving chocolate in my face.  It’s a problem.

I did happen to notice one important thing (that doesn’t have to do with chocolate): Strawberries!

I know it’s early in the season, but strawberries are starting to shine in the markets.  It’s early.  Their sweetness is muted.  Really, I just think they’re trying not to show off too much.

I think it’s time we get excited… that sort of tempered excitement a five-year-old might have a few week before Christmas.  Strawberries are coming… they’re waaay better than Santa.  Get into it!

roasted strawberry buttermilk cake

Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk Cake is one of the most wonderful cakes to grace a cast iron skillet.  Strawberries are roasted in a hot oven with a bit of sugar and olive oil.  Their flavor is intensified and texture is softened.  Buttermilk cake brings it all together.  Amen.

gluten-free strawberry ginger pie

What does one do with pounds and pounds of fresh strawberries?  Well… when you’re done eating them by the fist-full, I suggest making this   Gluten-Free Strawberry Ginger Pie.  It’s a beautiful way to honor the berry.

strawberry cardamom cake

You’re dead to me pineapple.    Strawberry Upside-Down Cake with Cardamom is the new kid in town.

strawberry raspberry quick jam

This Strawberry Raspberry Vanilla Quick Jam is where jam meets sauce.  It’s a beautiful intersection that’s bound to make you feel fancy.  Bust out the baguettes!  It’s time.

strawberry ice

Don’t ever let anyone on the Internet give you a recipe for ice.  It’s just frozen water.  In this particular instance, we added fresh strawberries.  It’s Strawberry Ice.  It’s the easiest thing to ever happen in the kitchen.

strawberry cream puffs with milk chocolate sauce

Strawberry Cream Puffs with Milk Chocolate Sauce might be easier than you think!  If you can get your head around cooking dough on the stovetop (which was totally a weird one for me), you open the gates to cream puffs and cheese puffs on the regular.  The secret to this sweet cream is dehydrated strawberries.  The other secret (to life in general) is milk chocolate.  Yes!

Even if we’re just a bit early, it’s nice to look ahead to strawberry time!  Tomorrow… milkshakes… because we can (and should).