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The Flower Recipe Book

March 27, 2013

the flower recipe

I have a black thumb.  I can look at a plant and basically watch it wilt before my eyes.  I’m not good with greenery.

Conversely, I can look at a stick of butter and basically watch it turn into biscuits.  I’m good with butter.  Butter is my spirit animal.

the flower recipe

There’s a gorgeous new book from called The Flower Recipe Book.  It creates recipes for flower arranging.  (!!!!!)

Maybe you’re one of those people that can just pick the prettiest flowers and throw together stunning arrangements.  I’m sooo not that person.  When it comes to flower arranging, I can be a bit of a dolt.  This book is filled of beauty and inspiration.  It’s sweet and clever.  If it were scratch and sniff… it would be just beyond!  This might be the solution to my black thumb. Also… cut flowers are going to die anyway so I’m really just off the hook.

the flower recipe

The first task in bringing a flower recipe together is flower shopping!  I found myself standing at the farmer’s market with my copy of the book open… studying.  I also took a moment to appreciate the plants that surround my tiny house.  It turns out that I’m surrounded by geraniums and never noticed!

the flower recipe

With inspiration in written form, I decided to combine orange lilies, coffee bean buds  Hypericum or St. Johns Wort (as some of you have pointed out), geranium from my front yard, and freesia.

the flower recipe

Water and vessels are important.  I used a cake stand and two enamel mugs from Best Made as my casual vases.

the flower recipe

It might seem strange that I’m following instructions to put flowers in a glass.  Seriously though… the inspiration is everything I needed.

the flower recipe

This is so different from butter and sugar and it feels fantastic.

My cat is disappointed there’s no buttermilk for him to paw at.

the flower recipe

I just wanted to share a bit of inspiration with you.  The Flower Recipe Book has made my heart happy, and made me think about flowers and vases in a new way.  This book would be a great housewarming gift.  If you’re already thinking about Mother’s Day… boom, done!  It’s a treat, to be sure.

End Note:  Yes, lilies are extremely poisonous to our cat friends.  Keep them far far away from kitty.  No joke.

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