Blackberry Apricot Sunflower Oatmeal

Blackberry Apricot Sunflower Oatmeal

You don’t need me to tell you how to make oatmeal.  You might need me to tell you how to make Peanut Butter Bacon Pancakes, and tell you not to drink rum from a yard-long glass through the streets of Las Vegas.  Oatmeal though… I’m sure you can handle that on your own.

Maybe I just need to remind myself how to make oatmeal.  Maybe I just need to remind myself to make oatmeal at all… and eat it… and call it breakfast.   Staring at the computer first thing in the morning, thoughtlessly burning my mouth on hot coffee does not a breakfast make.

I thought it was possible that if I needed a reminder, you might need a reminder too.  Let’s breakfast!  Let’s make breakfast as healthful and beautiful as we can.  It’s a big week.  We need this.

Blackberry Apricot Sunflower Oatmeal

All you’ll need for this breakfast situation is a good rummaging of the cupboards.  I found some old-fashioned oats, roasted sunflower seeds, candied ginger, and dried apricots.

Blackberry Apricot Sunflower Oatmeal

Warm oatmeal topping time.

Realtalk:  This bowl and topping piles are on a blackened cookie sheet on my desk.  Blog shooting and breakfast eating together.

Blackberry Apricot Sunflower Oatmeal

Maybe add a touch more brown sugar than you would on a normal day.  Mondays are hard.

Blackberry Apricot Sunflower Oatmeal

Almond milk for added creamy comfort.

You may not need this recipe for creamy sweet oatmeal.  You’re got your hot coffee and you’re good to go.  It’s possible that we all need a bit of extra comfort, healthy fuel, and morning inspiration…. this is that.

I hope your Monday is wonderful.  I hope your shoes are cute and comfortable, and your day is oat-filled and perfectly caffeinated.

Blackberry Apricot Sunflower Oatmeal

makes 1 serving

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1 cup water

pinch of salt

1/2 cup old-fashioned oats

1/3 cup almond milk

For topping:  brown sugar, fresh blackberries, dried apricots, roasted and salted sunflower seeds, ground flax seeds

Bring water to a simmer in a small saucepan.  Add a pinch of salt.   Add the oats and stir until the oats are soft and have absorbed the liquid, about 5 to 7 minutes.  Spoon into a bowl, top with almond milk, as much brown sugar as you’d like, a handful of fresh blackberries, coarsely chopped dried apricots, sunflower seeds, and a sprinkling of ground flax seeds.  Add almond milk and serve immediately.  

64 thoughts on “Blackberry Apricot Sunflower Oatmeal

  1. Yes we do need this recipe Joy!! You were right, we need this reminder to eat oatmeal because we’re all just like you, staring at the computer and burning our mouths on coffee. I literally just did that 5 minutes before I read that. Plus, oatmeal can get so boring we need new combination ideas. Just wondering…what is a “blackened coffee sheet”??

  2. I needed the reminder! I always think oatmeal takes too long, so I go for toast and a latte. Pretty sure both of those take longer! This version with sunflower seeds and apricots sounds fab! Thanks! Happy Monday!

  3. This looks so yummy. I haven’t made breakfast yet and you have inspired me. Oatmeal is one of my favorite breakfasts

  4. This always happens to me when I look at your photos – they make me want food I don’t even like! I’m not an oatmeal person – unless, I guess, it’s when I’m looking at photos you’ve taken and considering how good they would taste with dried apricots, candied ginger, and fresh blackberries. . . .
    Love the cookie sheet – I use mine for that too. They make cool, rustic backdrops!

  5. What a way to start the morning! Your post just makes a person (not me since I plan to sleep way later.and sleep in…It’s almost 2:30am now and I’m still wide awake..thank goodness I don’t start work til the afternoon) want to wake up bright and early to enjoy this great meal. Me…I might be able to enjoy it as an end of the day snack after work late at night. Seems like a wonderful meal to start the day with, or even end the day with (like me)!

  6. I make oats pretty similarly too but I love your addition of fresh and dried fruit. The sweet tart combo always a win. I must always have something in oats. Can’t have it on it’s own unless it’s doused with loads of cinnamon and honey.

  7. Egads I do love oats. And almond milk. And blackberries. But I have never combined all three! Good plan.
    I can say after making an apple-blackberry pie with candied ginger in it that ginger and blackberries make pretty decent bedfellows. Or oat-fellows, as it were.

  8. Oatmeal is my favourite breakfast. It’s so comforting. The perfect way to ease in to Monday. I love the toppings and the contrasting colours of the blackberries and apricots. :)

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