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July 2013

Beyond the Kitchen

Away From White

I know a lot about white spaces. I work in a white-walled space.  Blank canvas. I bake from white bowls.  Blank canvas. I type words into a white page.  Blank canvas. Working in white can offer a sense of freedom……

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Fruit Pie Recipes

Strawberry Raspberry Crisp

My summer love language is pink and fruity.  All I want to do this weekend is put Van Morrison in my headphones, tool down the bike path at the beach, people-watch, seagull-watch, and express my affections in strawberries and raspberries….

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Beyond the Kitchen

What You’re Reading

It’s always hard to leave behind a long holiday weekend.  I was away this holiday weekend.  I was less than two hours from home, but it felt like a continent away.  Big shady trees.  Skies full of stars.  Extended cocktail…

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