Some Favorites

bacon and cookies, please.

This is a story about a girl with bacon in her refrigerator, cookies in her jar, and snug-fitting jeans.  The story goes like this:  there once was a girl who had well-done bacon and chocolate-dipped cookies for breakfast.  It felt good and right and she had no regrets.  The End.

eggs and burnt toast breakfasting

I’ve been breakfasting hard this week.  For me that usually involves some sort of burnt bread situation.

I feel like breakfast is the one meal of the day that I have under control (burning aside).  Other eating tends to be a bit irresponsible.

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Toasted Pecan and Blueberry Couscous Salad

Toasted Pecan and Blueberry Couscous Salad

Hey hey pretty friend!

One of life’s great pleasures is sharing a salad over lunch.  You know… one of those leisurely lunches that involve pink wine and lots of bread baskets.  The kind of lunch that lasts until at least 3:30 in the afternoon.  The kind of lunch where you almost run out of things to talk about… but that never happens.  I covet those lunches, especially on a Monday.

Let’s share a salad!  I should tell you now that I put blueberries in it.  Trust me on this one.  Also… call me the salad whisperer.

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Everything Is Scary and Awesome

cookbook collage

Can we push the pause button on this whole blogging thing for just a moment?

Can we just be real for a second?

I’m in the midst of shooting my second cookbook.  To say it’s anything other than totally nuts would be a lie.  It’s fun, scary, overwhelming, silly, and filling.  Shooting the cookbook is also pretty all-encompassing.  It’s everything I can manage to keep myself shooting, showered, and clothed.  I think I’ve been wearing the same outfit for three days straight.  No shame.

In addition to shooting the cookbook, I’ve cut my finger really badly on a staple (how!?), I’ve dropped my phone in a toilet,  I haven’t called my parents in far too long, and I’ve been apartment hunting in New Orleans as a brain escape… oh and I’m working on a big video project that I can’t wait to tell you about.

If I were to title this next book based on the dialogue in my head, it would be called Everything Is Scary and Awesome: a cookbook.

I really like to hypothetically title books.

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Fresh Fig and Almond Breakfast Cake


This skillet cake was divided into four pieces and eaten without apology.  There was coffee:  two cups each.  There were a few dishes in the sink:  no one cared.  There was that dusty morning summer sun. So good! There was that thing I didn’t want to talk about:  how my cellphone landed in the toilet and died rather unceremoniously.  So bad.

Morning cake  makes all the difference.  Forever and always.

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Roasted Tomato and Hatch Chile Salsa


I have the best intentions of going to the grocery for salmon and salad most evenings.  It’s just the darndest thing… I usually walk out of the store with a bag of chips, a jar of salsa, a bottle of wine, and sometimes a box of cookies (as if I don’t make enough cookies of my own).  Sometimes it’s cold cereal, almond milk, and wine.  Sometimes it’s just quinoa and wine.

I don’t know… I can make a pie, it’s just that dinner is sometimes asking too much.

Today I went to the grocery and picked up ingredients to make salsa… for dinner.  Not just a jar.

It’s summer vegetables (with hella chips)!  Justification complete.

roasted tomato and hatch chile salsa

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Double Crust Cherry Pie


Whoa, you guys.  Everyone is talking about the last few days of summer.  Everyone is squeezing in their last beach days and weekend vacations in the sun.  No no.  Please no.  I’m just not ready to say goodbye yet.

In honor of summer.  In honor of the fact that I’m not ready to say goodbye, I’ve made a homemade, double-crusted, buttermilk-having, almond-hinted CHERRY PIE.  It’s the epitome of summer.  It’s me, kicking and screaming, and holding on for dear life.

Bright side:  I can eat all the cherry pie I want while daydreaming about deep green nail polish, ruby red lip stains, and the ridiculously huge scarves I’m going to wear this Fall.  Other bright side:  peace out jean shorts!

I paired up with Nordstrom Beauty Spot to bring you this pie, and a few other beauty inspired recipes (including the Dark and Stormy cocktail I currently can’t get enough of).  Beauty picks, style tips, and all sorts of sweet goodness (no jean shorts, you’re welcome).


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That Thing We Do


It would appear that we’re all totally weird, and none of us have any idea what is going on.  This is what the book shelves tell me.  I’m missing a window shade (pictured above), so clearly I have some major room to grow.

I’ve noticed  this generation of book written by women… they’re the sort of books that bat around the idea that the ‘I have no idea what’s going on, or how to be an adult, but I’ve figured a few things out throughout the few years I’ve lived as a young weirdo, and these are those things.’  What is this phenomenon?  I think it has everything to do with vulnerability and reliability… and how those things are scary and exhilarating for both the author and the reader.   I can appreciate that in a twentysomething coming-of-age story.

There’s Adulting, in which Kelly Williams Brown gives all sorts of helpful hints on adulthood from how to be a class act, to… you know, how to keep a houseplant alive for more than two days.  I need this book.  The plant pictured above is long-dead.

In Everything Is Perfect When You’re a Liar,  Kelly Oxford recounts a coming-of-age story that is totally relatable if you’re a girl that is breathing air.  This is my next read.

Don’t Worry, It Gets Worse  is written by Alida Nugent.  I stood in the book store reading this book and there was an Arrested Development reference by page ten.  Sold.  It’s about real life:  bills, laundry, and really bad  wine-tasting parties.  You know how it s.

If I were to write this sort of book… which I totally could, because I generally have no idea what to do with myself, my book might be called There’s A Pound of Butter In My Purse, and other weird things that are true.

I’m also thinking of a book titled something like I Didn’t Shave My Legs For This Date On Purpose.

How about I Made You Peanut Butter Cookies Then I Pretended To Forget To Give Them To You So I Ate Them All Myself.  Too long?  At least you know the sort of person you’re dealing with.

For this summer’s you-curated book list, check this out.  For more real-life real-talk on book writing, check out What It’s Really Like.

Tomorrow, Cherry Pie!

photo by lani trock

Olive Oil Tuna Toast


I never don’t burn toast.  Double negative.  What I should say is… I always burn toast.

The irony is certainly not lost on me.  I’m a baker and I can’t master the simplest of oven-related tasks:  putting sliced bread in, and taking it out before it’s black.

Don’t even talk to me about buying a countertop toaster.  Those things are for people with kitchen counter space.  I’m going to insist on scorching my bread below the oven broiler.  So help me God.

What hides blackened toast?  Olive Oil Tuna Salad and salty potato chips.  Too easy, and mayo-free.


I know what you’re thinking….

BLAAAAHHH tuna.  But!  We eat tuna with potato chips so… come on!  Get into it.


I can’t be the only person that gets excited about tuna and chips.

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Heirloom Tomato Tart


You guys, I’m in deep.  I’m in the middle of some pretty serious Instagram stalking.  I’ve gone down the rabbit hole.

I’ve followed a comment on my friend Whitney’s feed and now I’m well into some stranger’s Instagram wedding album, some weird dude’s pet snake, and did you know there’s a whole Ryan Gosling thing going on on Instagram?  Of course there is.  Also, there are just so many selfies of strangers I have to marvel at!  Gosh.  I’m in it.


It’s usually when I’m in deep that I start to think about the other side of the coin:  someone losing themselves in my Instagram feed.  What would they think?  Geez, this girl eats a lot of food.  Geez, this girl likes to stack food and take pictures of it.  How many pictures of a desk can one person take?  A lot.  Ok… she has a cat.  And cocktails.  And she likes cookies.  And she’s been to New Orleans.

That’s about the long and short of it.

Whatever we do, let’s not think about the former bosses, and ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriends that are probably scrolling through our feeds.  Actually… maybe we do want to think about them, and hope they’re hungry when they run across this picture of our Heirloom Tomato Tart.

We’re here to inspire, right?  …and occasionally flaunt our flakey crust and lip gloss.


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