Beyond the Kitchen

Into Color



A few weeks ago, we were talking about my walls.  Well, here goes nothing!  Away from white and into the bright!  Welcome to my new office space!

My plain office wall went from simple white to bright peach and neutral grey.

We made a video to get our inspiration moving!  Watch the space transform!


I teased you with this image of the beginning of the transformation in black and white.

away from white

The inspiration for the color on my walls came directly from my kitchen.

I love the bright pop of peach found in smoked salmon, summer peaches, and even sun-kissed apricots.

away from white

I also love the way white and tan get along in toasted coconut.

I used toasted coconut as inspiration for the wood grain table top and fluff-coated white chairs.


Everything starts quite bright with a blast of Glidden® Tropical Coral.


I used painter’s tape to tape off the sections that I wanted to keep peach.

I wanted to add a bit of dramatic geometry to my space.

We are so far from white, aren’t we?

I love the way Glidden® Pebble Grey works with the Tropical Coral.

on toast: white bread

Taking a space from white to color feels exhilarating.  It’s so fun to see a space that you’re so accustomed to, transform before your eyes.

I wanted the art on the wall to feel light, reflect the brightness of the room, and feel as playful as the new wall color.



I painted part of the wood desk in Glidden® Juicy Cantaloupe.


All of the little details:  two peachy colors, spots of green, pops of gold, and stacks of books that inspire me.


The change was so big, I had to call Tracy to show her.


This is where I shoot most of my food photographs.  Shove over the lists.  Open the blinds.  I feel very fortunate to have this light.


I’m so happy my walls have gone from white to bright.  The space feels so much more complete and inspiring!  With the help of Glidden paint and Michael Wurm Jr. from I feel like I’m surrounded by the things I love and colors that inspire me.

Please also note:  my desk is NEVER actually this clean.  Not real life.