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Olive Oil Tuna Toast


I never don’t burn toast.  Double negative.  What I should say is… I always burn toast.

The irony is certainly not lost on me.  I’m a baker and I can’t master the simplest of oven-related tasks:  putting sliced bread in, and taking it out before it’s black.

Don’t even talk to me about buying a countertop toaster.  Those things are for people with kitchen counter space.  I’m going to insist on scorching my bread below the oven broiler.  So help me God.

What hides blackened toast?  Olive Oil Tuna Salad and salty potato chips.  Too easy, and mayo-free.


I know what you’re thinking….

BLAAAAHHH tuna.  But!  We eat tuna with potato chips so… come on!  Get into it.


I can’t be the only person that gets excited about tuna and chips.


There are a few different ways you could go with Tuna Toast.  You could go the way of mayonnaise.  Or your could go the way of not mayonnaise.

Olive oil is totally the move.  It’s healthy and not goupy.


Whole capers for their salty brine and whole grain mustard for its kick in the pants.


Hardboiled egg in tuna!  Do it!

I separate the yolk from the egg white.  The egg yolk and mix into the tuna.  It adds a creamy richness.


The egg white I chop up and add with the fresh tomatoes, chopped parsley, sliced red onion, and bits of celery.

Salt and pepper, naturally.


Work in that olive oil.  No biggie.


Burn the toast a bit.  Call it well-done.

Pile the tuna salad high.  Tip with extra tomatoes.  Sprinkle on too many potato chips.  Hope that your mouth is big enough.


Piled up and served with gingered orange juice.  I sat my butt on a stool and ate all three slices.  Then I ate all the chips.  Then I ate more chips.  It was the very best.

This tuna salad is super fresh and very simple.  It can handle just about anything you have languishing in your fridge.  Radishes?  Cheddar cheese?  Roasted garlic?  You’re grown.  You can do anything you’d like.

Olive Oil Tuna Toast

makes about 2 cups of salad

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2 cans water-packed tuna, drained

1 tablespoons whole grain mustard

juice of 1/2 a lemon

1 hardboiled egg

1/4 cup olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

2 tablespoons capers

small handful coarsely chopped parsley

small handful cherry tomatoes, sliced

small handful chopped celery

thinly sliced red onion

Place tuna in a medium bowl.  Add mustard, lemon juice and egg yolk.  Work together with a spoon or fork, mashing the yolk and mustard into the tuna.  Add the olive oil and a bit of salt and pepper.  Mix well.  Chop the reserved egg white and add to the tuna mixture.  Also add the capers, parsley, tomatoes, celery, and red onion.  Stir to combine.

Toast bread.  Top with tuna.  Serve with potato chips.  enjoy!