Beyond the Kitchen Holiday

Your Hostess Gift!

hustle jtb lip gloss nail polish deb
statement necklace mr & mrs glasses ny notebook
jtb cranberry cake cat dish towel drip mugs
gold french press candle jtb vanilla salt


I have a hard time buying gifts for holidays.  It feels like a lot of pressure.  I have to find the right scarf, in the right cashmere, in the right color, on sale… and stand in the right line at the right time and… please I’m mostly just scared. Gift receipt please!

My strengths lie in the Host / Hostess Gift.  Yes!  Invite me over for wine.  Invite me over for cheese.  Invite me over for pie and gin.  Heck… just answer the door when I knock and I’ll have a hostess gift at the ready.

The hostess gift is so great because it’s unexpected.  It’s a bonus.  It’s a peace-offering for the frazzled hostess to enjoy at her leisure.  A hostess gift is as wonderful to give as it is to receive… mostly because you receive wine after handing it over.

Here are some of my favorite hostess gifts this year.  They range in extravagance from kitten kitchen towel to golden mugs.  Be thoughtful and kind when purchasing a hostess gift.  Get your girl something that you’re tempted to keep yourself.  Don’t you dare keep it yourself.  And don’t you dare show up at a party with fresh flowers that need to be trimmed and put in a vase… that’s the worst thing, it really is.

Let’s gift!

1. HUSTLE Print •• because we could all up our hustle-game.

2. Joy the Baker DIY Lip Gloss •• because we’re impressive like that.

3. Glitter gold Nail Polish •• because we’re just thinking ahead to New Year’s Eve like it ain’t no thang.

4. Statement Necklace •• because we can never have too many.

5. Mr & Mrs Cocktail Glass Set •• because we’re clever in our thoughtfulness.

6. City Notebook •• because we want to inspire travel and memories.

7. Joy the Baker Cranberry Orange Pecan Coffee Cake •• because we bake, duh.

8. Kitty Cat Dish Towel •• because we’re cat people.

9. Reiko Kaneko Drip Tease Mug Set •• because we’re fancy.

10. Gold French Press •• because I said we’re fancy!

11. Vanilla Bean Candle •• because we don’t always have a cake in the oven.

12. Joy the Baker Vanilla Salt •• because we are well seasoned and refined.