Beyond the Kitchen

The Days Run Away


There’s a book of poetry on my nightstand.  It’s by one of my favorite American writers, Charles Bukowski.  The Days Run Away Like Wild  Horses Over The Hills.  I see the book every day, but I feel the sentiment everyday even stronger.

It’s December.  That in itself seems like a bit of a brain-jumble.  I think I’m supposed to say something here about how it can’t possibly be December, about how we should be chillin’ somewhere in March, and how time flies when you’re having fun… but, the days run away… they really do.  It’s our job to live in them and keep track of them the best we can.  It feels good and scary (and like we need more whiskey).

Peanut Butter Cream Pie in the works

It would be true to say that I’m still working on my next book.  Still!  By the time the book is in your hands next Fall, I’ll have had it in my hands for two year.  TWO YEARS!  How crazy is that?  Maybe it took two years to get the Peanut Butter Cream Pie right.  Not really… but maybe.

Sometimes it feels like the more you work on something, the less you’re satisfied with it.  Then you have to GET OVER YOURSELF and keep right on working because it’s fun and you love it even though it’s challenging and pushes your buttons.  Then you eat pie. So whatever.

In Baltimore

I spent some time in Baltimore late this Fall.  I get my east coast visits in before the cold really settles in.

My thin California blood is so fickle.

Jon v. Soup

Man v. French Onion Soup (with a side of lunchtime martini).

We’re probably going to need more cheese (cry for help!).


At Petit Louis Bistro in Seychelle shoes standing on some really good tile patterns.

Ps.  I love Seychelle shoes and these are totally my next pair.  Fishnet shoes!?  I mean…

In Balitmore

I will buy your savory buns, Bun Shop.  I will eat them cold, the following day, on the plane home.  They will be delicious and subsequently inspire these French Onion Pastry Puffs.  Thank you.

Gingerbread Spiced Marshmallows

I made these Gingerbread Spiced Marshmallows for the debut of my Bonkers Awesome episode with Matt Bites.

Can I just say… I’m so so excited to show your each one of these Bonkers Awesome episodes!  We put sooo much work into them… like the kind where you’re working so hard you think you might cry (and you totally do)… so it’s with great pride and relief that we bring you these episodes.

Next up is a recipe for Cinnamon Rolls and a visit to see the Pioneer Woman on the ranch.  There will be pistachios.  So….


Winter beach bodies.  I appreciate you humans.


I’m just gonna sit on this beach boulder and think about what it would be like to Being John Malkovich Kendrick Lamar.

That sentence doesn’t make any sense unless you’ve seen the movie Being John Malkovich.  Worse synopsis ever:  get inside the brain of John Malkovich and see through his eyes for a few seconds.  Except I want do that with rapper Kendrick Lamar.

I’ll stop now.


A hike in Northern California with my family.  Just walking in the woods.  This waterfall was a highlight.  The water pools were so crisp and cold, and dark… I’m sure they were also full of monsters.


Everyone should have an Uncle Larry.

My Uncle Larry rode his bike clear across the country this year.  San Francisco to Virginia on a bicycle.  He also builds furniture with his hands, gives me financial advice, and still has the Dave Matthews Band CD I gave him as a Christmas gift when I was a teenager.

So good.



cool, thanks.

Tracy at home

My maj Tracy is making herself a cocktail in her cocktail closet.

She invited me over for Thanksgiving and I didn’t even have to sit at the kid’s table.


I have two sisters that I love and adore.  We didn’t really get to pick each other.  We were mostly just born into each other.  It’s great, and you really do get to steal each other’s clothes without consequence.

Tracy though… she’s the sister I got to pick.  What a real life blessing that is.

Gingerbread Fail

The likelihood of a cake-fail is inversely proportionate to the amount of time you have to make the cake and get out the door to take it to a party.

Did I get that right?

I call this, Gingerbread Fail Cake.

Coming soon: Gingerbread Cake

Try Try Again.

Recipe next week! I think it’s a good one.

Andy v. Baked Alaska

My favorite dinner parties usually involve Andy Windak and the boys of The Table Set.  Only brave people make Baked Alaskas for dessert.  Oh, there’s definitely an entire Pecan Pie hidden in that Baked Alaska.  Ice cream too.  That’s just how we do.

The days run away, don’t they?  But manalive they’re good ones.

Kitten v. Cupcake