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A Bit Of Book Nostalgia

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I’m loading my iPad up with books, audiobooks, and podcasts in preparation for my long flight to and from Uganda. Long long flight.  For one reason or another, I’ve downloaded a lot of personal classics: books that I take comfort in.  I guess it’s the literary version of comfort food like tater tots for me.  I feel so out of my element traveling this far from home and it feels good to be grounded in stories that remind me of growing up.  Here are a few of my favorites.  What did you read growing up?  My favorite part of book posts is when you share what you love.  Happy Sunday!

If you’ve ever driven through the center of California then you understand John Steinbeck.  He’s my boo.  He’s my everything.  Of Mice and Men •• sealed the deal for me when I was young then East of Eden destroyed me in the best way possible.

To Kill A Mockingbird •• There is not one piece of this story that is out of place.  It’s perfect.

Remember the first time you cried about a mouse in a book?  It was Flowers For Algernon ••.  Remember the first time you cried about a mouse in a movie?  Fievel in An American Tail.  Sorry.

If I ever have a daughter, I think I’m going to slip this book onto her desk when she’s 11 years old and quietly back away. Judy Blume says it all Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret  ••.  Also Freckle Juice might come in handy.

 Lafcadio •• Shel Silverstein had some major sparkle-magic in his day, boooy did he! I have a soft spot for his books because I learned how to read with them.  They stay feeling special.
Watership Down ••  Bunnies make us cry.
The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe •• This book gave me a whole new appreciation for my grandmother’s armoriors.  CS Lewis is one of my favorite authors on faith.  Till We Have Faces is beautiful.

A Light In The Attic •• The poems in this book are about being curious, being young, and being human.  It’s perfect.

The Witches •• I read Roald Dahl growing up and knew I wanted to be a writer.  His granddaughter Sophie Dahl is author to one of my favorite cookbooks.  Runs in the family, I see.

I still can’t believe that Memoirs of a Geisha •• was written by a man.

Flowers In The Attic ••  I’ve never been good at reading scary stories.  This book proved it.

A Widow For One Year •• John Irving knows how to create characters that we care about.  I still think about his people.  Crazy.

Have a happy Sunday, my friends!