Podcasts I Love!

podcasts i love!

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I spend a lot of time working on my own in the kitchen, at the stove, at the dish sink, at my computer.  My cat can’t talk.  He yells with his meows, but he’s not a very chatty character.  I find that I listen to a ton of podcasts during the day.  It’s part companionship, part inspiration, part instruction.  Podcasts can be everything from big, epic stories, to friends chatting about this week’s news.  They’re incredibly satisfying and surprising. I count on them.  Do you listen to podcasts?  Here are a few of my favorites.

This American Life is the gold-standard when it comes to podcast.  Ira Glass and his team of writers and contributors put together some of the most hilarious, touching, thought-provoking stories I’ve ever heard.  Each week is different.  You never know if you’ll laugh with tears of joy and sadness.  It’s so special.  A total must for long road trips or plane rides. Similar to This American Life, Radio Lab is a wonderful podcast, my absolute favorite episode of Radio Lab EVER is Space, about the Voyager and The Golden Record.  In fact… forget the rest of this post and listen to that episode right now. It’s amazing. Similar in love and completely different in content, I also listen to the Ecclesia Church Podcast when I can’t get to church because the message is always what I need to hear.

Have you ever wanted to see the world through the eyes of two American Americans?  Uhh Yeah Dude. Perfect. Seth Romatelli and Jonathan Larroquette have recorded their comedy podcast since 2006… basically the start of the internet (not really, but you know).  It’s hard to describe what Uhh Yeah Dude is.  It’s two hilarious dudes talking about everything and nothing at all.  It’s a podcast that demonstrates a friendship that you instantly want to be a part of.  It’s a podcast that strangely starts to mean a lot to you because you feel like you become part of Seth and Jonathan’s relationship.  It’s true… and all of a sudden I sound like a weirdo.  

Savage Lovecast is the podcast version of the The Stranger‘s love and sex advice column written by Dan Savage.  This podcast addresses all sorts of love and sexuality questions and it’s super informative and fascinating.  It’s an adult podcast, for sure… and though I don’t always agree with the advice, I love the glimpse into the private lives of strangers.  I’m inherently nosy.

I know a weird amount of information about living trusts and Roth IRAs because I’m waaaaaay into the The Suze Orman Podcast.  I think it’s important to be financially informed as a single business lady in the world.  It’s empowering!  Plus, Suze Orman says ‘hey girlfriend’ all the time and I love it.  I just do.

Did you know I have my own podcast?  The Joy the Baker Podcast hosted by me (duh) and my best friend Tracy Shutterbean.  (Tracy has an actual last name that I forget to acknowledge because she’s always been Tracy Shutterbean to me.)  We talk about ‘totally important unimportant things’.  Everything from your question on blogging, relationships, food, and the 90’s.  We chat weekly.  It’s silly.  It really is.

Along with The Joy the Baker Podcast, I’m also a partner in producing a few other podcasts on Homefries.  The Art of Simple Podcast is hosted by Tsh of (you guessed it) The Art of Simple.  Tsh’s podcast is a super down to earth look into the life of creative moms just working it out on the reg.  I’m not a mom and I love this podcast.  It’s all about taking in another point of view in the world.  Also on Homefries is The Table Set, hosted by Greg, Andy and Nathan.  They have the greatest take on food, cocktailing, and entertaining and never fail to inspire me!

Slumber Party with Alie and Georgia.  Alie and Georgia put on their pajamas, hang out in a pillow fort, and chat it up with a special guest.  Alie has a pet praying mantis and Georgia know a weird amount about aphrodisiacs.  Alie and Georgia also have a show on the Cooking Channel called Tripping Out with Alie and Georgia.  They’re smart and they swear a ton.  So…

Thank you for leaving your podcast suggestions below!  I love learning new things from you!  Truly!

105 thoughts on “Podcasts I Love!

  1. For those of us not so tech savvy…… from where do you listen a pod cast? radio? computer? and how do you find one? Channels or what?

    1. I download them from itunes, but you can also go directly to their websites and listen there. Just google the name of the podcast. :)

  2. I love, love, love Fresh Air on NPR. The content varies greatly – from current events to celebrity interviews to human interest stories to reviews and interviews on books, movies, and tv. One of my favorite episodes ever was their in-depth look at the history of the banana, and I don’t even like bananas! I feel like I’ve learned so much from it, and Terry Gross’ voice is so comforting to me. I listened to it on long drives between CO and WY for my last job, and it’s one of the things I miss most now that I live in NY and don’t have a car.

  3. Highly recommend Pop Culture Happy Hour on NPR. Sometimes they are way to serious about TV shows but the episode around easter last year had me snorting and crying.

    1. I use stitcher. It’s an app that I downloaded on to my phone. I like and listen to a lot of these recommendations but I also like Satellite Sisters. They’re 5 sisters who talk about anything that’s on their minds. I feel as though I’m listening in on a phone conversation.

  4. Your description of Uhh Yeah Dude is exactly how I would describe your podcast: a friendship you instantly want to be a part of!

  5. I like Ask Me Another on NPR – it’s a quiz show with trivia and word games and interesting guests. And the Coffee Break language series offer bite-sized lessons on a variety of languages. I used it to brush up my French before a trip a couple of years ago.

  6. Snap judgement is great but my current fav (other than yours of course!) is Risk with Kevin Allison. It is a story telling podcast that has me laugh so hard that I cried multiple times. I’m excited to try the new ones you told us about!

  7. My favorite podcast is The JV Club hosted by Janet Varney. In each episode she talks with a different woman (usually, but not always, a comedian or actor) about their teenager and young adult years. Like TAL, some episodes are hilarious and some leave me in tears, but I love them all!

  8. I’ve never listened to a podcast before, but I’ll have to check out a couple of the ones you’ve mentioned. Thanks for the tips.

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