No Ordinary Move-In Box

no ordinary move in box

 I’m in that ugly stage of house-packing.  That stage where the kitchen is half packed, the bathroom is precarious at best, the living room is full of boxes, and I can’t step foot into my closet even if I wanted to.

It’s not charming.  It’s not exciting.  It’s mostly just messing and stressful.  But it’s ok!  There’s an end to the madness.  The end involves a long drive to New Orleans, a fresh bag of ice, a Manhattan cocktail, and new keys to a lovely French Quarter apartment!

Until I officially move in in early March, the pie and cake recipes are going to be sparse around Joy the Baker.  That’s mostly because this is real life and all of my butter and loaf pans are packed away.

Thank you for joining me on this moving journey.  I promise you won’t have to drive across the country in twelve hour stretches.  I’ll handle that for both of us.

I’ve learned a lot about packing boxes and organizing cross-country moves from the internet.  I’m supposed to have a master list indicating exactly what is in each box I pack.  I’m supposed to pack certain things at certain times.  There’s supposed to be some sort of master color-coding situation.  I’m definitely doing exactly zero of those things.

If you’re looking for a master-packer / super-organized mover… you’re totally looking in the wrong place.

One thing has managed to cut through all of the disorganized moving madness:  the Move-In Box!

Do you know about this?  The Move-In Bx is the first box you open in your new space.  It can be all the practical things like an electric drill for putting together furniture or a hammer for hanging picture…. ooorrrrr it can be things that you actually want like bourbon and fluffy towels, and fancy lotion, and good pens for list-making, and sweet cocktail cherries. We’re grown and we can do what we want!  Even when we’re moving.  Thank heavens, for real.

Let’s put our overnight box together!  We’re moving!  Like… we’re both moving.  So thank you.  For real.

The Overnight Box:

–  (1) Fluffy Clean Towels,  (3)Fancy Body Wash  and (4) Luxurious Lotion will feel like an extra treat after driving between Tucson, Arizona and New Orleans, Louisiana.  I’m going to need something that feels soft, pillowy, and smells good.  Thanks!

–  A shower curtain and toilet paper, too!  These are things that will greatly compliment the bath towels, the body wash and the fancy lotion.  Without them…. disaster.

–  Plates, cups, utensils, napkins, and a blanket for the first-night picnic. It happens on the floor, there’s take-out food involved.  It’s basically the most perfect thing ever.

–  (9)Cocktail shaker, bottle of bourbon, bottle of vermouth, (13)luxardo cherries.  Stop at the corner market to pick up ice.  Make the most lovely Manhattan cocktail because moving is hard and Honestly Yum has the best recipe to remedy that.

–  Matches, (5)candles, and lightbulbs.  Candles and matches for your sanity.  Lightbulbs for any lights that might need some love.  Darkness in a new home is no good at all.

–  Air mattress, good clean sheets, and few pillows, and a (2)big throw.  Stay cozy.  Stay warm.  The basics.

–  Cat food and le liter box because we have to keep these fluffy animals content and happy.

–  (6)Pens and (7)a notebook for lists! Drinking Manhattans might make you want to write a list or two…  just sayin’.

–  Laptop and all of your computer and phone chargers.  How else are you going to binge-watch House of Cards on the air mattress?

–  Checkbook and cash-money because it’s still weird but we should be the people that lose or checkbooks and cash-money always comes in handy when you’re moving.

The Morning After Box is meant to inspire unpacking and happiness.  Mostly it’s all about coffee, bagels, and power tools:

–  (10)Coffee beans, coffee grinder, and (11)French Press, tea pot, and (12)coffee mugs.

–  Your unpacking toolbox:  cordless drill, those tiny ikea screw drivers, (8)scissors, and  box cutter.

–  A quick bagel run, extra cream cheese.

What’s in your essential move-in box?  Let me know if I’ve forgotten anything important!  Your additions below:

– Basic cleaning supplies.  You’re totally right Helene!

– The television remote.  Thank you, Pam!

– Small tool kit and a first aid kit.  Thank you, Andrea!

– Chocolate and bottles of water.  You’re so right, KC!

– A cat bed might be necessary.  Thank you, Marina!

– Garbage bags, for real!  You know it, Meridith!


105 thoughts on “No Ordinary Move-In Box

  1. Perfect timing! We’re moving from PA to TX in less than a month. I’ve already started a list for for what to pack in the car vs. moving truck. Will keep an eye on suggestions in comments too.

  2. I just moved a couple months ago — sure wish I had this! I was a bit (more than a bit?) of a stress case through the whole process. You’re doing great!
    So excited for your move to New Orleans – it’s one of my favorite cities and my husband and I visit there at least a couple times a year. You’re going to have the best adventure!!

  3. I was never so organised as to pack a moving box. Inspired idea. Good luck with the move – it’s always hellish until you get there and you’re all unpacked and then you wonder what the fuss was all about. :)

  4. I moved 5 times in one summer a few years ago (NOT FUN). Two crucial things I would add to your overnight box are hand soap and paper towels, cause you’ll probably need to wash your hands at some point and you may not want to use your fancy body wash and fluffy towels for that. Good luck and can’t wait to have you with us in the South!

  5. I just moved to Europe and I only managed to pack a few costco size containers of jiffy peanut butter for my 3 year old lol! I should have got some nice lotion for myself. Good luck with the move!

  6. what a great idea – and glad you didn’t forget the kittie. Having just recently moved, I would add a measuring tape to that morning after box. I was always looking for that damn thing :) Good luck with the packing.

  7. I moved this weekend, so this is perfect timing! I definitely didn’t color code anything! I maybe should have though because the first morning I couldn’t find my cups, so I drank my coffee out of a champagne glass ;-)

  8. Hi Joy,

    Master list and master color-coding?!?! Sheesh! Who has that kind of time?

    I do love your idea for a first night box, and the morning after box. I might be making a partial move in a few months to go back to school, and I’ve been pondering what I would bring, or if I’d just have to pack it all, which terrifies me!

    Best of luck to you. About 20 years ago, I had a Muffuletta there that I still think of once in a while. That pickly, salty olive spread knocked me out. If I can dig up my old travel guide, I’ll try to find the name of the place for you, in a few weeks that is.

    Happy trails!

    1. Wonder if it was Cochon Butcher!!?? The best place EVER!!!!!!!!!! Joy, add it to your “places to eat pronto” list! So excited you’re moving to the South!!!

  9. Have a fun, safe journey! soooo jealous of you moving to the French Quarter! Hoping to get to see LOTS of pix of your new apartment and new neighborhood as you get settled in. 2014 seems to be off to a fabulous start for you!

  10. So vicariously excited for you. And also vicariously ‘eurgh’ about the packing for you. Grim to do but so worth it for the end result. Cannot wait to follow your next chapter in New Orleans (beyond jealous of the French Quarter apartment too!) – enjoy!

  11. You really make me want to move now!!!!! I am seriously jealous of this adventure you’re about to endure… And an apartment at the French Quarter….wow!!!
    Have a lovely trip but please…. keep us posted, the trip, the unpacking…. it’s like reading a novel!!! It makes us feel like we’re traveling with you….

  12. Joy, where were you when I moved last month?! I still haven’t unpacked my luxurious lotions, uggh. Your best calls are defiantly a shower curtain and blankets, (and bourbon of course). You never realize how necessary they are until it’s too late and all the stores are closed…

    Wishing you all the best on your cross country move!

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