Let It Be Sunday

let it be sunday

it's a sunday

Sunday seems like a good day for a little of this, and a little of that.  You know… lingering in pajamas, lot of coffee, hopefully a doughnut, a long walk, and at least two hours on the couch.  I wish that for you.  Especially the doughnut.

Here are a few things on the tip of my tongue these days.

•  Clementine and Red Wine Spritzers!  Don’t wrinkle your nose.  This is really good news for our summer cocktailing.

• Last time I donated blood I fainted.  It’s a long story that mostly involves seeing someone else faint.  Who knew that fainting could be so contagious?  Still though, I’ve watched enough old episodes of ER to know that little bags of blood are super important to people who need little bags of blood.  Stat!

Donation is a big deal to me.  Fainting or not.  Three years ago I joined Be The Match, the bone marrow donation registry.  It’s a painless and free sign-up situation that only involves a mouth swab.  (I just said mouth swab on my blog!).  Should I ever be called to donate my bone marrow, I’d only ask that no one faint in my vicinity.  I’d be a goner.

• Dine x Design is my favorite new site on the Internet.  It’s the intersection of pretty pretty food and mega inspired design. This Spring Creme de Violette Cocktail makes my brain sparkle.  I’ll surely be making this soon.

This weekend I made a double batch of pizza crust and now I have unbaked frozen pizzas in my freezer.  It’s my small attempt at Shutterbean’s meal prep.

There’s a new app on the scene! Of course there is. Meet: Steller.  Steller is like Instagram for storytellers.  Instead of sharing a single picture, you can create a book of photos to flip through, combining photos, videos, and text.  There’s a major amount of customization.  The designs feel clean, simple, and super intuitive.  It’s like making your very own Kinfolk magazine… on your phone, for the Internet.  Does that makes sense?  Here’s a more helpful review.

I finally read this essay from the late David Foster Wallace: Consider the Lobster.  It’s what happens when  a brilliant thinker visits Maine’s largest lobster festival.  Originally published in Gourmet Magazine, August 2004.  I think I’m tempering myself to read Infinite Jest.  It’s working.

How awesome is it to wear a dainty finger ring on your finger? Also, I love Sweetheart Society.

I bought this Nixon Watch with gold and molasses tones.  It was a treat-yo-self moment.

 I’m hosting my first party in New Orleans next weekend!  Scream it with me now…. DERBY PARTY!  In preparation, I’ve found an ice crusher and I’m working on the perfect Mint Julep.  I’m working on a vinegar-y potato salad with lots of olives and parsley.  There’s got to be a Derby Pie inspired cupcake.  And I’m ordering fried chicken from a place called Chicken Sue’s… which sounds absolutely perfect.  Derby Party recipes coming next week!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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36 thoughts on “Let It Be Sunday

  1. yes! read Infinite Jest! This might sound like a strange book to group it with, but besides the Bible, it’s the only book that is a part of my thoughts on a regular basis. Totally worth the undertaking.

  2. Joy, as a born and bred Kentuckian, I am thrilled that you’ll be having a Derby Party! Also, how legit is it that you just call it a “Derby Party” w/out the “Kentucky.” That’s some serious Kentucky speak. Anyway, you should definitely consider serving some Benedictine Spread at your party. It’s easy, delicious, and the official recipe involves just a touch of green food coloring. Serve it with some fritos out of the bag (seriously!).

    Here’s the historical recipe: http://archive.courier-journal.com/article/99999999/DERBYFUN/90422022/Benedictine-spread

    Yay Derby!

  3. Joy!!!! Such a fun and educational post–I’m going to check out steller AND see if I can dip my toes into DFWallace with you and the lobsters. I love that you take reading (and writing) seriously. So fun to have you back with us here on the blog. It felt like things were rough there for a bit. Have a good Sunday over there yourself!

  4. I am planning for my birthday party of my office mate’s daughter. What do you expect? Yeah she wanted a Frozen Birthday Party so I found you blog and very thankful for these wonderful frozen birthday party ideas. If I have found this before my birthday last January, I myself would have wanted one for myself. Lol ? Anyway, please allow me to include this in my Pinterest album please? Thanks and good day ahead!

  5. Coming from someone who has 11 years in remission from Acute Myoloid Leukemia, Thank you for being a donor. If it weren’t for Gallons of blood and platelets that people like you donated I would not be here. I was fortunate to have two siblings who were complete matches for a transplant, but there are so very many who don’t have and depend on you and others like you who are willing to give life to a stranger. Thank You!

  6. Your Sunday is an inspiration to me, Joy!! I am getting myself into my kitchen to make your chocolate cookies and cream pudding…and then spend two hours of couch time/ tv watching?! When I get the green light to drink again, those clementine/ red wine spritzers are first on my list….holy, whoa!

  7. I learned what a “shelf-ie” (autocorrect won’t let me spell it without the hyphen) was yesterday, so I smiled when I opened this and saw you combined a selfie with a shelf-ie! Happy day!

  8. Finishing Infinite Jest has always felt like my greatest accomplishment – it took me 6 months (not including the month off I took after finishing the first 100 pages) and has remained my favorite book since. I recommend 2 bookmarks :)

    Happy Sunday!!

  9. Infinite Jest is amazing but it’s TOUGH. There will be like several hundred pages where you hate your life and don’t know why your doing it. If you can, try to find a friend to read it with you–that’s the only way I got through it! And it is so worth it in the end. I’m even considering a reread one of these days.

  10. Joy, I’m always impressed by the range of essays, memoirs, and books you explore. It makes my poet heart sing!

    1. Oh! And I was amazed by the fact that lobster was fed to prisoners (but only twice a week–otherwise, it was considered torture)!

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