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Homemade Decadence Pre-Order!


It feels like a good day.

It feels like one of those days that has been a long time in the making.  Thanks only to the passing of minutes, hours, days, and weeks… we’re here, staring ahead at the finish line, blasting Jay-Z in our proverbial headphones (because that’s what we do) (because we are champions).

So!  A few years ago I wrote the Joy the Baker Cookbook and you were kind enough to buy it at the bookstore, borrow it from the library, download it to your technology and get in your kitchen to bake.  You blow me away!  I also went on book tour and you were kind enough to let me write in your new books with permanent marker.  I only misspelled two names while signing which is totally two names too many.  Sorry!

The point of this whole story is this:

I wrote another book!

It’s called Homemade Decadence and YOU CAN PRE-ORDER IT STARTING NOW!

(I promise to keep the yelling to a minimum.)

Joy the Baker Cookbook - Homemade Decadence

It took almost two years, 112 (estimated) pounds of butter, an eye-bulging amount of all-purpose flour, 54 (estimated) cups of heavy cream, one small oven, one photo assistant/cat wrangler, 17 online recipe testers, one recipe testing mother, one father with strong opinions about pie, one camera expert friend, one meticulous and kind editor, one eternally patient copyright editor, one designer that should get high-fives every morning, one maj, several people to lend me props,  and 8 additional pounds of body weight to create this book… and it’s almost here!

Homemade Decadence  is 125 of the most gooey, buttery, chocolatey, cocktail-y recipes I could dream up.  Each recipe has a gorgeous photo… for inspiration, daydreaming, and drooling.  The book is out October 14, 2014, but I’ll be sharing sneak peeks of the book and recipes throughout the summer.

Thank me now for not releasing this book during bikini season.  Wait… do people still wear bikinis? No, right?  I didn’t think so.

Joy the Baker Cookbook Shoot - Homemade Decadence

If you follow me on Instagram over the past year, you’ve gotten a glimpse inside the making of a cookbook. #jtbcookbook Yes, I sure did make up a hashtag!

It’s a lengthy process filled with dirty dishes, so many Word documents, so many revisions, and Post-It notes and emails.  It feels pretty unwieldy for a long time.

When all of the type, text, and photos start to merge in print things start to get really exciting.  This is the first pass at the designed pages from about 6 months ago.

Joy the Baker Cookbook Shoot - Homemade Decadence

The pies recipes in this new book are numerous.  Ample.  Generous.  Double-crusted.  Extra creamy.

Joy the Baker Cookbook Shoot - Homemade Decadence

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m pretty cocky about my pie crust.  For the book I tested and re-tested all sorts of pie crust recipes with varying types and ratios of fat.  So much pie crust!  I’m thankful for the parents that helped me test and roll.

My father means business.  Muscle tee?  Come on…

Joy the Baker Cookbook Shoot - Homemade Decadence

So many sweet treats, recipes tested, cakes layered, cookies baked.  Such good things I can’t wait for you to have!

I got a little batty and started quoting Britney Spears on Instagram.  I dunno.  Doesn’t it make sense to quote Britney while holding a Peanut Butter Cream Pie?  ‘Oops, I did it again.  I played with your heart.  Got lost in the game.’

…It made sense at the time.

Joy the Baker Cookbook Shoot - Homemade Decadence

The pages are being printed and bound and I’d love for you to have a copy!

When you pre-order the book now it will feel like a legit treat-yo-self moment when the book appears on your doorstep on October 14th!  Also… it would mean a lot to me.

I’ll be announcing book tour dates and cooking classes later this summer so stay tuned!

Have a happy day!  Thank you for being the very best!

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